13 May, 2016

Clock Wise

Third day.. whoo
This day was the day where we probably walked the most. My health app said that we walked more than 20 km, so yess my feet were dying at the end haha
We walked up the Saint Paul’s Cathedral and I am sure this church is the most beautiful church I have ever seen in my life and I have seen quit a lot already. I mean the architecture from inside was so unbelievable overwhelming and I was so sad that I couldn’t do any photos inside (if you visit London, I really recommend to go inside the St. Pauls and definitely up!) It was just fantastic.
Later on we all met again at the London Eye, the London Eye is one of my favorite attraction in London and this was my second time on the wheel and I had so much experiencing all of this with my friends :) 
I love discovering cities by day and also by night,  so after the London Eye some friends and I decided to stay in the city and have dinner at Nando's together and then go and see the tower bridge by night. 
I was wearing my brand new Topshop shirt, which I got one day before and I usually never wear my new stuff directly, but this time I just had to because 1. It was way too hot to wear a sweater by 25°C and 2. I just loved this complete look all together. 

xx Milana 


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