29 May, 2016

El mar, la más bella del mundo

Absolutely the hottest day here and sadly our last :(
I don’t want to think about going back home to cold Germany. I would stay here forever if I could.. On sunday we decided to relax a little bit, we didn’t want to go somewhere so went to the mall to grab something from Starbucks and subsequently go to the beach. 
The beach was completely full, we didn’t went to the Barceloneta Beach because I’ve read that the other beaches are better and aren’t so full. It was so hot outside, I feel like everyone from Barcelona was there. The dumb thing was that we didn’t brought any kind of sun protection and now we all have sunburns and it burns so so much. I probably should carry a small bottle of sunscreen with me, especially in Spain.
For my last look I have worn a suede material skirt from mango combined with a flowy Brandy Melville shirt and black sandals.
To keep myself a bit warmer I put on my black leather vest from HM (I really didn’t had to, it was way too hot).

I will definitely come back someday to Barcelona!! 
Until next time, Photo diary coming soon.

I was wearing 

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