13 May, 2016

Making Magic Happen

Oh London, you’re making my heart beat faster every time! 
I am so happy to be back in my favorite city :)
5 days in the best city with the best people, wow I could’t be happier. It was my third time in London now and I always could return, even tho I have seen everything. I don’t know why, but London’s atmosphere, people and culture is just fascinating every single time to the new.
We were extremely lucky with the weather, it didn’t rain and the sun was out 24/7. When I planned my looks for London, I’ve tried to find something ,,London appropriate’’ because who witnesses London without rain.. yea almost no one! This was my first time being in London without rain and cold temperature and it was freaking amazing. 
The day we arrived was literally crazy.. We arrived in the Hostel and went directly to Sainsbury’s to get some food, after eating and relaxing a bit we all went in to the city centre. We started with a little city tour from the Piccadilly Circus to Trafalgar Square. After all that we finally had the opportunity to walk around London on our own. And then somewhere between Oxford Street and Tottenham Court… We met Niall Horan!! I mean I couldn’t really believe what was happening, but I was walking and then for no reason I looked up and he was standing right infront of me. My reaction was toooo funny haha. One of my friends who was also there is the biggest Directioner I know and I just was like : ehhh isn’t this Niall Horan ??? . And then when everyone understood what just happened, we freaked out a bit haha. Sadly we couldn’t ask for a Photo or so because he was trying to catch a bus and he was really really fast. 
First day in London and already action everywhere haha. 
the second day where I wore this outfit was definitely more relaxed. We decided to go a little shopping and just enjoy London by foot. 
I was wearing one of my current fave Bomberjackets from Bershka. I fell in love with this light pink right away. Then I paired a super beautiful shirt by @sincerelyjules who is also a blogger with her own collection .  
For shoes I’m wearing the famous REEBOK x Face Stockholm sneaker in Silver. I choose the color silver because I’m in love with metallic styles and those shoes were the most beautiful metallic shoes I have ever seen.

I was wearing 

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