27 May, 2016


I adore you, Barcelona♡
What a magical day.. our second day in Barcelona was just awesome.
I totally fell in love. 
We woke up at 7 am and decided to go on a little beach run and do a workout. It was so much fun, it was so much more motivating than going to a boring gym. Even the people are a motivation because there are so many joggers and fitness people I could’t believe my eyes. Then we had the idea to spent some time at Las Ramblas . It’s the longest street in Barcelona and it has museums, markets and everything you need ( or not haha). My mum decided to get herself a portrait of herself haha. The lady who drew her was so sweet and nice to us, she really made my day. 
Around 6 o’clock we went to the Montjuic ( the house mountain of Barcelona ) We had the most beautiful view of Barcelona City and the sea. On our way to the national museum we heard a really loud voice singing one of my favorite songs ( Wild thing’s by Alessia Cara) at the end we came closer to the actual location and it came out being live music by Alessia Cara herself because she was the first act for the Coldplay Show, which was on this exact evening. It was pretty cool to listen to her because her voice is just great. 

I was wearing a striped off the shoulder shirt with a pair of ripped jeans and a really really thin Bomberjacket by Bershka. This outfit is probably my favorite because it’s so comfortable, especially the shoes. The weather today in Barcelona felt like mid summer, it was so hot outside I was so happy that I didn’t took a big jacket with me. Hope you like the pictures :)

xx Milana 

I was wearing 

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