17 June, 2016


I feel like I haven’t posted something on here for months, even though my last post was about 3 weeks ago. Ok way too long!! I agree.
I’m almost done with my school year and I can’t wait for summer break. In Germany we have 6 weeks of summer break, it’s nothing compared to other countries but I’m glad about having it haha!!
You should know I love denim and It was time for the popular jeans on jeans look. I’ve waited for this way too long and now here’s my interpretion of a cool and casual jeans on jeans outfit. My jeans jacket is from ONLY ,but I have the exact same one from LTB which I already wore in one of my posts here. I gave my LTB Jacket to my mum because she was so in love with it and now we’re matching because we have the same jeans jacket haha:))
(ok wasn’t funny at all)
but I got myself a new one because in my opinion this jacket is soo beautiful.
My jeans are as well from ONLY (wearing a complete ONLY look haha) and my shoes are casual light rose colored slip on’s from Bershka.

I hope you liked this look :)

   I was wearing 

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