17 July, 2016


I'm currently sitting in my dad's car on the way to C R O A T I A. I'm so excited to spent 2 weeks with my family and my cousins there.
 Earlier this day my friends and I went to have a sushi brunch and to hang out a bit.  
I'm so excited for 6 weeks no school (German summer holidays are really short :( ), but it's so sad to leave my class and not to have classes with them anymore. 
For my look I decided to wear something casual and chilly. The weather isn't nice here in Germany and I hope the next day's it will be better or in two weeks, I'm good with both haha;) My shirt is a casual Levi's T-Shirt  which I bought two months ago in London and some boyfriend jeans from Zara. The shoes I'm wearing are a little bit older and I sadly do not remember where I got them. I love these zebra printed flipflops and the little plateau. 

Xx Milana 


I was wearing 

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