28 July, 2016

Explorer | Salzburg

S A L Z B U R G such a lovely and beautiful city !!

It was my aunts idea to visit Salzburg on our way back to Germany, I was so fascinated by this idea that I really wanted to go and see Salzburg! I love being spontaneous and that’s why I told my parents one day before leaving Croatia that we need to stop in Salzburg for 2 days and that I found a beautiful and cheap Hotel in the center of Salzburg. Thankfully my mum was also interested to ago, so a day later we were on our way to Salzburg in northern Austria. 
We arrived in our Hotel around 8 pm, showered, changed and went out to explore Salzburg at night. A really good thing was that our hotel was really central and the old city was easy to reach by walking. We took a few photos and went to a bar to have some cocktails.
The next day was full of exploring, after having breakfast at our hotel we went out at 9am to have the complete day in Salzburg.
Our first stop was the old city where we visited the Birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart was born and raised in Salzburg before he left for Vienna. It was really interesting to see all those original things from him and to be in the house his family lived in. The craziest thing was probably that his original hair was in a little showcase. After the Museum we went a bit walking around the City. The Mirabell Schloss has a beautiful garden and as a perfect souvenir from Salzburg I got real Mozart kugeln ( and a piece of raspberry cake haha )
I’ve read that the most beautiful view over Salzburg is from the Hohensalz Fortress, a Fortress on a really high mountain. Of course we went up and YES the view over the city was unbelievable. If you ever planning to go to Salzburg you need to go up, It’s so beautiful especially with the alps behind.
After all of the Sightseeing we did the actual thing what we wanted to do in Salzburg. About 15km away from Salzburg in a small village called Bad Dürrnberg was a Salt mine. 
We had an one hour tour 210 m under the ground, it felt surreal and weird to walk around so deep down and they showed us how  the salt was made and produced. It was very very interesting!!
I love trips where I can learn something and will stay forever in my head. 

My outfit was perfect for the weather, after being 10 days in Croatia with everyday 30 degree celsius, it was definitely weird wearing long pants again. I love this color combo because this rose colored blouse from pull and bear which I bought in London is perfect for a city trip. It’s flowy and you do not really sweat! Compared with some basic white jeans, I mean white jeans are always perfect no matter what top you wearing :)


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