23 July, 2016

Striped in Rovinj

What a wonderful day in beautiful R O V I N J. 
Today was one of the best days in Croatia, after seeing so many beautiful things here I realized that Croatia is so much more than everyone says. It’s my second time in Croatia and this time I understand why everyone is coming here. 
We took the boat to Rovinj to explore the city a bit and when we arrived we had this beautiful front scene of the city. I took the longest to take pictures and I took tons of them haha. 
Rovinj is like Venice just smaller and not so hyped but It’s definitely worth the trip. 
I couldn’t stop taking pictures of every little corner in the city, I love old city’s and old architecture especially when the houses are colorful. 
I’m so happy to had the chance to see this wonderful city, sadly we only had 2 hours but I think we made the best out of them.
My look reminds me of a simple summer street style look from NY 
I love this striped thight dress together with some sneakers and bomber jacket all from Bershka. 
My sunnies are brand new because I bought them a few minutes later when we arrived in Rovinj, I’m so happy for my little Souvenir :)

xx Milana


 I was wearing 


  1. Hey, I really like your outfit! :D
    Especially your slip on sneakers look great.
    Are they comfy without any socks?

  2. Yes they are really comfortable! But I usually wear them with footsies :)

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