01 July, 2016


Sunglasses are like a better second face…
Here I will show you my biggest obsession, which are my beloved sunnies :)

I do not remember at what age I started to collect sunglasses, but I can say for a pretty long time now! This is not a complete sunglasses collection because I already lost and broke too many,  here are just my favorites.
When it comes to Sunglasses I’m always the first who is there and personally sunnies are for me also like souvenirs because in every city I am, I always find new sunglasses. Even tho when everyone is telling me I already have enough, I mean is it possible to have enough sunglasses : definitely not hahaha!!

These Sunglasses I bought in Thailand last October, their obviously not real Rayban,
but I still really like them because of the colors and the beautiful shape.
I love pilot sunnies and these ones are just perfect for a late summer evening.  

Another pilot <3
These ones are from a jewelry shop in Wiesbaden, sadly I don't remember when I got them or where

I love both ways casual and extravagant, these ones are definitely one of my casual pairs.
I love wearing them just to hangout and not care about anything.
I got these in April from Ukraine, I remember the store was a tiny little boutique
and it was called 'Paris', in front of the boutique there was standing a huge human sized Eiffel Tower.
It was so beautiful

One word: ITALY
These beautiful sunglasses are from MANGO and I bought them in Padova, Italy
I exactly remember how I fell in love with them, these are still one of my favorite pairs!!

Probably the most popular sunglasses of 2015/16, I mean everyone has this pair of sunglasses.
These are the black edition, right below is the normal:)

I love these sunglasses because they make look your outfit so incredible unique and in general they make
your face so so beautiful. I am totally in love with the shape and as well how good they fit my face.
Forever my faves!!!

3rd one haha:)
These are not Rayban, but they have the same exact shape and as I said I love it..
I'd probably would buy this pair over and over again:)

Not sunglasses, but my favorite glasses.
I have once seen a blogger being in Korea and she posted this picture of tons of glasses like that
and I decided to make some research because I needed one of these haha. I found this glasses on
eBay and guess what??  yess they are from Korea haha, I imported glasses from Korea, sounds kind a cool.

Another pair of glasses, but this time I bought them on my own.
 I got these in September from Milano.
I found them actually on the street, not lying on the street, but there was a guy who sold tons of sunglasses and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these ones. 

These kind of reminds me of an electronic, geometric thing, I do not know
exactly what but something like that. They look soo cool on a casual days look.
For example I have worn them in London 2 months ago.
I got them from ASOS <3

My MIUMIU loves.
I exactly remember when I got these. It was probably like 2 years ago and I was so so in love
with these sunglasses, I collected so much money to get them and I couldn't believe that I got my dream sunnies.

 Never without Tom Ford
These babes are my TF sunglasses and these are as well one of my casual pairs, I love the shape
and the colors. Just some casual sunglasses to let you look fabulous:)

Cat Eye or what ??
I have worn these sunglasses exactly one time in Greece 2014. I love how they look,
but until now I didn't really know how to pair them perfectly with a cool look.
I definitely going to try out something with them!!!

Definition of round hahahah
I mean what can you do wrong with round sunglasses ???

For my last and as well my newest and most favorite are these beautiful reflective sunnies,
by my favorite sunglasses brand QUAY AUSTRALIA.
I honestly loveeee them and how awesome they fit my face, best invention!!
I got these in London from Topshop. You don't believe how happy I was when I saw that
Topshop sells Quay. I couldn't resist to buy one.

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