19 October, 2016

Paris Photo Diary October 2016


18 October, 2016

Paris day three

Au Revoir Paris, mon amour <3
Our last day in Paris has come and I wanted to avoid that moment in every situation, but there will be always a last day :(
Today we explored Montmartre a little bit, had lunch in one of their local cafes and just enjoyed the atmosphere. After lunch we decided to up to the Sacré-Cœur and take some pictures there. I love Sacré-Cœur for it’s beautiful view oder Paris. You can’t really see the Eiffel Tower, but when you come around sunset/sunrise you will have the most beautiful view ever.

In this post I would like to talk a bit about my favorite Paris spots, cafes, views and things to do.
First spot is Champs-Elysées, I love walking down the street from Place De La Concorde to the Arc De Triomphe. It’s such a beautiful walk and you can go shopping:) I wouldn’t recommend Champs-Elysées for food except you like to have an expensive and not even that good meal. 
Second Spot is Saint-Germain-des-Prés ,this is probably my favorite district in Paris, the architecture is a dream and everywhere are little cafes where you can eat your favorite desserts (Creme Brûlée for example haha) and drink a lot of coffee.
Third favorite spot is Montmartre, there are a lot of tourists, but when you find a little street or alley where aren’t so many people than your at the right place! Montmartre is probably the most creative district. So much art on the walls and also a lot of art studios. Very very interesting!!

Paris is not that cheap, but we still went to some cafes to try out a bit and experience a Parisian cafe. 
One of my favorite cafes in Paris is really close to the Eiffel tower and it’s called Brasserie de la tour Eiffel ( they honestly make the best Creme Brûlée)
But as we could not afford going into restaurants everyday we just went to some bakery and bought croissants or little sweets. That was also really nice :)

If you just want to relax (like me haha) you’ll definitely need more than one day in Paris. I love walking around, but also just sit down, enjoy the view and enjoy Paris by doing nothing.
Jardins du Trocadero are perfect for relaxing and having a view of the Eiffel tower. We sat 2 hours there and did absolutely nothing and it was one of the best activities we did haha.

Paris is definitely worth a trip, so if you haven’t been there GO!!! haha

xo Milana



17 October, 2016


Deuxième jour à Paris
It’s mid October and Oh my God the weather here in Paris was just perfect. I’m freaking in love with the month October, I feel like every October happens something amazing and the past few years I experienced the best things in life in October.
Today we decided to start our little Paris tour at Place Vendome, I love Place Vendome especially for taking pictures. The architecture is making me melt!! Whole Paris is making me crazy actually, I’m so in love with the architecture and all the little cafes and restaurants. It’s so hard to choose where to eat or where to stay. I’ve always wanted to have brunch at Laduree and finally it happened yessss!! Laduree as a restaurant isn’t really special, but the boutique where you can buy macarons is a must for Paris visits. We ordered a Salad and some tea and coffee afterwards, It was definitely an experience, probably never ever going to do it again, but the experience counts haha:)
After our special lunch we wanted to go up the Tour Eiffel to have another beautiful view over Paris. Paris from above is incredible, it mustn’t be the Eiffel Tower but a place where you can look over Paris is really really important.
Today’s outfit kind of reminded me of an ‚art student’ ,especially when I took off my leather jacket. I kind of started to love oversized blouses, well everything that is flowy is amazing!
Some oversized shirt or blouse with some casual pair of jeans, a leather jacket and the most important  the CHELSEA BOOTS . My go to look for this fall season.