16 October, 2016

Pariee my love...

P A R I S...  ðŸ’˜
finally back in this magical place. Ida and I decided to go to Paris over fall break. Thankfully we found a really affordable apartment in the center of Paris over Airbnb.
I really really recommend using Airbnb if you want to travel cheap and adventurous. It's already my third time sleeping in an Airbnb apartment and it was always a pretty good experience. It feels like you're really living in the city instead of being in an hotel where you are a tourist and you are also treated like a tourist. 
On today's list was the Musée du Louvre and the Arc De Triomphe. We got ready and left our apartment around 10am to drive with the metro to Louvre. It wasn't my first time in the louvre, but I still really enjoyed everything because it was my friend's first time so it was pretty much fun :)
After the Louvre we wanted to do some touristy stuff so went to the Champs Élysée where we also ate and went a little bit shopping. Shopping is always fun in Paris haha 
We walked down the Champs Élysée and there was the big Arc de Triomphe which we really wanted to go up. I've heard that from this spot you have one of the most beautiful views over Paris and YES it's true. The view was so beautiful and breathtaking. You had a perfect view of the Eiffeltower and over complete Paris. 
For my outfit I have chosen something simple, it wasn't really cold today so I decided to go without jacket and it was totally fine. My pullover is from HM and my black jeans are from Review.
For shoes I wore some Zara creepers with those beautiful gold details. 


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