17 June, 2017

White Pearl - Zaful

Today I’m wearing one of my favorite outfits, It’s a white romper from Zaful. 
They have sent me this beautiful piece and I’m incredibly happy about it that I had to make a post about it.
It was probably the hottest day today and I was really happy that this romper is kind of flowy and easy going.
In addition I put on my Quay sunnies and some gladiator sandals from Asos.
We spent our day at the Castilo de sao jorge and then at the cristo  rei statue. A lot of fun, but as well a lot of walking haha.
If you’re going to be in Lisbon there are several ways to up to the Castilo, I recommend taking the tram 28 or a tuktuk. The tram 28 is the most famous tram in Lisbon, which means it’s always full of tourists and people. After the Castilo we went to the neighborhoods in Amalfa. Amalfi is a cute little district with lots of beautiful and colorful houses. 
I was super impressed!!

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16 June, 2017

o amor

Lisbon day two was definitely adventurous, even tho we had some real turbulences.
We almost spent the whole day in Belem, this is a district in the west of Lisbon. It was very beautiful and I had a lot of fun because we visited the Torre de Belem and went on little walk at the promenade.
After being there for almost three hours we wanted to go back to the central. It took us a pretty long time to get there because the buses (Yellow Line) was literally unattainable. No lie we waited 1 hour for a bus ,one arrived, but for sure it was the wrong, so we spent another 20 minutes driving around in the wrong bus.
It was not a really nice experience and I hope it won’t happen again. 
All in all it was a great day because we spent the evening in Barrio Alto, which is probably my favorite district. All the houses are colorful and so sweet looking. The people there were really funny and I had a great time.
My outfit was definitely not weather appropriate, it was like 40 degrees celsius and I almost died in those jeans.
I still liked the outfit a lot because it kind of reminds me of Lisbon, I mean it fits haha. Especially the top, I love the detailing on the back and how flowy it is.

For shoes obviously again Birkenstock <— Best sumer shoes.

xx Milana 



15 June, 2017

Bom dia Lisboa

Finally back in this magical city!!
After three years I made it back and this time not only for one day, but for five days.
We flew with the portuguese airline „Tapportugal“ and it was definitely an airline I would book again. When Ida and I flew to Brazil we also were with tap, so for me it wasn’t something unknown. We spent our first day with just getting to know the city and get an overview, so we have an orientation for the next days. We chose to go with the Hop on - Hop off strategy and I have to say for Lisbon it’s very great! Even tho Lisbon has a Metro, the buses here are very convenient and very fast to hop on. 
The first actual sight we went on was the „ Elevador de Santa Just a“ it’s a huge elevator in the middle of Bairro Alto. It looks a bit strange at first, but the view is incredibly pretty. 
On the one side are only houses and on the other you can see the atlantic ocean.
For todays look I chose to wear this beautiful brandy melville skirt with a KISS band shirt. Both of the pieces I bought in Berlin and I was so excited to finally wear real summer clothes. 

For shoes I put on these really comfortable Birkenstock sandals, I love the color and how they shine, perfect for Lisbon 

xx Milana 



20 April, 2017

Cochem Castle

Nothing is better than spending time with family and friends, right?πŸ’•
My family and I decided to make a little trip to a city called Cochem, which is about a 100 km from my home away. Cochem is known for the big Cochem castle and the little colorful houses at the Mosel. 
I haven’t been there before and my dad told us that the way to Cochem is a bit weird because the streets are very Snake-shaped and long. But as well he told us that Cochem is a really beautiful german city and that a lot of people are coming, and not only from Germany. 
The only chance to get in the castle was taking a tour with a guide, first we thought that it’s possible to enter the castle without taking a tour, but at the end the employee told us that we have to take a tour.
We had like 5 mins to run up the hill to catch the last tour, but we all made it 😎

My look was very simple and casual, I thought I needed some comfy shoes because we’re going to walk a lot and a warm cardigan cuz it might get cold in the evening. 
The cardigan and Jeans are brand new I bought them when I was in Berlin two weeks ago 😊

xx Milana πŸ’ž