06 April, 2017

B E R L I N♥︎

First day in wonderful Berlin 💘 
I was so excited coming here and I think I still did not really realize that I'm here. 
Everyone asked me why I haven't been to Berlin yet, I mean it's the capital of Germany haha but it'a my first time. 
I have never expected Berlin being this cool and diverse, I'm honestly in love. My friends always told me that Berlin is such an amazing city, but I didn't really think about I thought it will be like other German cities. 
It's not, it's definitely not!!! Berlin is sooooo cool you can do so many things and shop until u die hahah :) for the first day I thought about wearing this Hollister blouse and some basic black jeans. My fave is obviously the leather vest, I could wear to anything 😍😍


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