20 April, 2017

Cochem Castle

Nothing is better than spending time with family and friends, right?πŸ’•
My family and I decided to make a little trip to a city called Cochem, which is about a 100 km from my home away. Cochem is known for the big Cochem castle and the little colorful houses at the Mosel. 
I haven’t been there before and my dad told us that the way to Cochem is a bit weird because the streets are very Snake-shaped and long. But as well he told us that Cochem is a really beautiful german city and that a lot of people are coming, and not only from Germany. 
The only chance to get in the castle was taking a tour with a guide, first we thought that it’s possible to enter the castle without taking a tour, but at the end the employee told us that we have to take a tour.
We had like 5 mins to run up the hill to catch the last tour, but we all made it 😎

My look was very simple and casual, I thought I needed some comfy shoes because we’re going to walk a lot and a warm cardigan cuz it might get cold in the evening. 
The cardigan and Jeans are brand new I bought them when I was in Berlin two weeks ago 😊

xx Milana πŸ’ž


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