07 April, 2017

Method to the madness | Berlin

 It’s Berlin day two and I already feel like I have seen every corner of Berlin, but for sure I haven’t.
Our day theme was ``The past of Berlin`` which means: The Berlin Wall and The DDR time. We have visited a Prison, a Ministry and had a guided tour around some parts of Berlin showing the west and east side.
We have walked a tonnnn, but who does not?? hahaha
Sadly the weather wasn’t really nice, Berlin was cloudy and very windy. Almost impossible to go out without a jacket. 
For my outfit I was wearing one of my comfy looks, I put on a basic sweater and some ripped jeans, yea pretty much a lot ripped haha :)

My new love are those wild leather old skool Vans, their probably the coolest sneakers I’ve ever owned. Oh and the sneaks matched the sweater, I loooove beige mixed with black <3

xx Milana


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