08 April, 2017

Modern Berlin

Third day in Berlin and I'm still overwhelmed by this beautiful city, Berlin is so diverse and has so many cool things to offer!! Today was the political day. We spent the morning and noon exploring the 'Regierungsviertel' here in Berlin. Which means the 'Bundestag' and the 'Kanzleramt'. It was totally new to me and I was pretty impressed getting to know all those things. Last year in social study class we learned a bit how the German government was built, but I didn't really think about it that much and now it was like learning the same thing just in a physical way. For me personally it was very interesting especially the place where the chancellor works because we had a guided tour in there and usually it's not allowed for 'normal' people to get inside of the building. Sadly the German chancellor Angela Merkel wasn't there. In the afternoon we finally had some time to go and explore Berlin for ourselves, for sure we went to the Mall of Berlin haha đŸ˜‚The mall is huge and we probably spent 2 hours there because we were so exhausted afterwards. For my look I was wearing my new leather jacket from Zara with a band shirt from hm.


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