15 June, 2017

Bom dia Lisboa

Finally back in this magical city!!
After three years I made it back and this time not only for one day, but for five days.
We flew with the portuguese airline „Tapportugal“ and it was definitely an airline I would book again. When Ida and I flew to Brazil we also were with tap, so for me it wasn’t something unknown. We spent our first day with just getting to know the city and get an overview, so we have an orientation for the next days. We chose to go with the Hop on - Hop off strategy and I have to say for Lisbon it’s very great! Even tho Lisbon has a Metro, the buses here are very convenient and very fast to hop on. 
The first actual sight we went on was the „ Elevador de Santa Just a“ it’s a huge elevator in the middle of Bairro Alto. It looks a bit strange at first, but the view is incredibly pretty. 
On the one side are only houses and on the other you can see the atlantic ocean.
For todays look I chose to wear this beautiful brandy melville skirt with a KISS band shirt. Both of the pieces I bought in Berlin and I was so excited to finally wear real summer clothes. 

For shoes I put on these really comfortable Birkenstock sandals, I love the color and how they shine, perfect for Lisbon 

xx Milana 


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