16 June, 2017

o amor

Lisbon day two was definitely adventurous, even tho we had some real turbulences.
We almost spent the whole day in Belem, this is a district in the west of Lisbon. It was very beautiful and I had a lot of fun because we visited the Torre de Belem and went on little walk at the promenade.
After being there for almost three hours we wanted to go back to the central. It took us a pretty long time to get there because the buses (Yellow Line) was literally unattainable. No lie we waited 1 hour for a bus ,one arrived, but for sure it was the wrong, so we spent another 20 minutes driving around in the wrong bus.
It was not a really nice experience and I hope it won’t happen again. 
All in all it was a great day because we spent the evening in Barrio Alto, which is probably my favorite district. All the houses are colorful and so sweet looking. The people there were really funny and I had a great time.
My outfit was definitely not weather appropriate, it was like 40 degrees celsius and I almost died in those jeans.
I still liked the outfit a lot because it kind of reminds me of Lisbon, I mean it fits haha. Especially the top, I love the detailing on the back and how flowy it is.

For shoes obviously again Birkenstock <— Best sumer shoes.

xx Milana 


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