About me

So, how to start this all?
My name is Milana Bagnyuk and I was born in Germany and I'm also still living there . My
Parents moved from Ukraine to Germany in the 90's and I was born :)
 I'm still going to school so I really don't know what I wanna do in the future I think a lot about what I become when I graduated school  .My mind is always changing about this part but I know that I wanna inspire people with that what I do .
I started this Blog to share and inspire people with my outfits,my Fashion habits and just my love to the Fashion Industry . I'll do it  in english because then it's more international so a lot more people from the world can read my Blog . A really good thing about me is that I speak four languages English,German,Russian and French and I love learning new ones . I'm also in love with travelling, discovering new cultures, new countries and of course meeting new People. Oh and I'm obsessed with fruits so they are my life (FruitsakaLife) haha
One of my biggest dreams are going to NYFW when I'm older this is what would make me really happy :)
So Never say Never

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