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Hello everyone,
After such a long time I’m finally back with a new outfit post. I’ve already posted so many posts from Thailand and this won’t be the last.. I think after this comes one more outfit post and just some photo diaries and then I’m completely done. I have finally got my pictures from the two photoshoots we did in Pattaya and Koh Chang.
Huge thanks to my talented uncle for taking these!! I’ll let the links down below for his page.
I’m wearing this absolutely beautiful off the shoulder dress from Mango and this dress is just my favorite. 
After I came back from Thailand I had a lot to do for school and I still have to do, but I try to post more looks in december and I think I’m finally ready to go into winter season haha (after so long !!)
I’m super excited for next couple of weeks when the holiday starts and I promise coats are going to be everywhere.:)

Here is some Music I’ve been loving for the last couple of weeks:

Justin Bieber - Purpose   <—— Yep Whole Album
Chet Faker - 1998
Cape Cub - Keep Me in Mind
CYN - Something 
Drake - Hotline Bling (Charlie Puth & Armen Cekin Remix)
Josef Salvat - Open Season
Karin Park - Shine (Midliife Remix)
Kiiara - Gold
Kill Paris - Operate
Mura Masa - Firefly
Mura Masa - Love for that 
Olly Macfarlane - Affection (Cresce Remix)
Oscar Key Sung - Brush
Slow Magic - Waited 4 you ( ODESZA remix)
Stephen - Fly down
Years and Years - Communion <— Album 

I was wearing :

Mango - Off Shoulder Dress


Photographers link :

Bangkok Photo Diary

Wat Phra Kaew
Lying Buddah Temple

Lying Buddah temple

Ticket for Wat Phra Kaew

Wat Phra Kaew

Bayonne Tower Bangkok

Baiyoke tower Bangkok

Baiyoke tower Bangkok


Swimming with elephants


Visiting monkeys


     Koh Chang is absolutely one of the most beautiful islands I have ever been to. The beach, the sunset, the people and food everything had it's own kind of thing in a really positive way. This look was one of my favorites because I was sure enough to wear those vintage flared trousers I got this summer when I was in Ukraine. I have them in two colors one in blue and one in like a light pink. I decided to wear the blue ones this day. I paired a cropped black neckholder top from bershka and those neckholder tops were my luv this summer even I haven't worn them so much.

My family found an amazing restaurant directly on the beach and this restaurant was a family restaurant who was run by a Thai Family from Bangkok. I have eaten the most delicious Burger in my life and I'm not lying, I'm 100 % honest with this hahaha . OHH When it comes to food...:)

x Milana

I was wearing :

Bershka neckholder top
Vintage flared trousers
Asos Gladiator sandals

Pattaya Photo Diary
Pattaya fruit market

Mango and Jackfruit
Rainy cloud 

Pattaya view from the boat

Aloe Vera drink

Temple on island Koh Larn
Koh Larn

Walking Street Pattaya
Fish Restaurant Pattya


Dragon Fruit Shake

Koh Larn

Me and a cute animal :)


I think this day was the most magical and fanstastic day in my whole life. I can't even describe it in words how amazing the world and nature is. I got the chance to swim and hang out with elephants a few hours. For this trip we had to drive about 6 h from Pattaya to Koh Chang ( the elephant island) and there it happend, this feeling is unbelieveable and I swear I still get goosebums when I'm talking about it. A wonderful day for sure. My elephant was called Boonya and she was a little bit older, but really energetic and playful. She got me like whoaaa!!
For me are elephants the most fascinating and beautiful animals in the world .

For this day I have worn my new lovely jumpsuit I got a few weeks ago in Verona plus the most beautiful necklace with of course an elephant on it ( I did it for extra haha).
For my shoes I wore the same as I wear my whole trip through some comfortable and easy to take off slips

I was wearing:

Brandy Melville romper


  After a lot of walking and exploring Thailand and Cambodia we finally arrived back to the Hotel in Pattya. To be honest this absoulte beautiful crochet blouse from HM is not made for extreme summers, but I thought this look without this is not a look, right??? ( I took it off after we were done taking photos haha ).I'm not a person for relaxing by the pool or by beach weeks through. I love exploring and discovering new places, so sometimes it contains a lot lot of walking, but thankfully I am obsessed doing it and I could do it more often, not everyday or someting just more often :)

Oh and by the way this crochet blouse and shorts are on sale now !!

I was wearing :

Crochet blouse
Bershka necholder top
Asos shorts

x Milana


It was my dream to own a perfect fitted dungaree like this. But to be honest it was so hard to find one. H&M was thankfully there for me and I've found the perfect for me. I really like this dungaree because it doesn't look like a basic piece, it more looks like a vintage piece from a coll fancy vintage shop.

This day we went to the same Island as we went yesterday 'Koh Larn' , but to the Samea Beach.
And I think that both of them are amazing beaches with tons of beatiful places to shoot.

I was wearing :

HM shorts

Brandy Melville shirt

Retro sunglasses


Going on islands with clear blue water and white sand makes my heart beating like some crazy bongo's haha. Today was my first time on a Island in Thailand and the Island is named Kho Larn. It's near the hotel where we life here in Pattaya, so we decided to catch the next ferry and discover a new cute island.
The most excited thing was when I found those amazing two swings right at the beach.
For a simple beach day somewhere out of the city I've decided to wear something casual like this oversized white T-shirt from Pull&Bear and my new favorite shorts from Brandy Melville, I got in Milan this summer.

I was wearing:

Tropical Adventures

    Finally got my summer back ♥ After resting two days at the beach and doing absolutely nothing we finally went to the Khao Kheow open Zoo near Pattaya in Thailand. I completely fell in love with the Thai culture and if you know me FRUITS are my life, my everything and here I honestly eat tons of tropical fruits. Mango's are still my faves. The Zoo was full of interesting animals for exemple: Monkeys, Tigers, Lions and all of that and the best thing was when I had the opportunity to feed a Lion. For Todays look I was wearing my dark blue summer dress from mango with some slip on sandals and for a little attraction this new silver necklace from Bijou Brigitte.

Outfit links:



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