Sacre Coeur 
Sacre Coeur


View from Sacre Coeur

Chocolate shop


Place de la Concorde

Eiffel Tower


Tour Eiffel

St. Germain


Place de la Concorde


View from the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower


Hall of Mirrors

Macarons from Laduree


The second day in Paris were spent at the Versailles palace. It was just unbelievable beautiful and I was fascinated by everything. If you’re ever traveling to Paris go and see Versailles ( I really recommend ). Seeing how the King and the nobility lived in the baroque time was incredible. It was kind of bizarre and ornate at the same time. The most beautiful room was the hall of mirrors, everything was magical and I didn’t want to leave to be honest, but we had to haha. The next stop was the 'Jardin‘  or the Garden. It was really windy and cold outside this day, so we didn’t stay a long time there. I recognized that in december is nothing going on outside I mean the water fountains were off and also most of the statues were covered with tarpaulins (sadly!).
For the first time in my life I’ve worn my burberry scarf for a blogpost. I got this scarf for a pretty good deal when I was in Dubai over christmas and now two years later I got the chance to wear it haha.
My dress or better said Knit dress is from Myhailys and it’s the most elegant and comfortable thing for a visit in a château especially Versailles. I love the fringe at the bottom and how it goes around the arms. It kept me really warm!! :). My next favorites are those Asos chelsea boots with a little heel. I’m addicted to shoes like them and I feel so much better and more confident wearing so beautiful shoes.

I was wearing 



A city with attraction so deep down that it’s not possible to not visit it. This trip to Paris was a really special trip for me because I went alone for the first time. Ok my friend was with me, but it’s still something different than with parents. First I was kinda skeptical with this situation because I was a little scared about how to connect with the city and how to find everything I need. I wanted to have this trip as chilly as stress, nothing, just some relaxing winter days in beautiful Paris and thankfully it worked out and we had some magical days. 
My new VILA coat is one of my favorites right now and I was super exciting to finally be able to wear it ( I got this coat in summer, so you can guess I was really really excited). My jeans and boots are of course  from ASOS and I didn’t even know that jeans with holes ,but also no holes exist haha (had to buy them). 
You should know I love walking through foreign city’s to explore them on my own. I’m honestly obsessed and today we nearly walked through whole paris, except when it was really really far away. I think our longest walk was from the Louvre Museum to the Eiffel tower and in between we went to had lunch at Champs Elysee (It was amazing and so delicious). Paris got my heart..<3

Oh and I tried Creme Brûlée for the first time and the only word I cay is FREAKING DELICIOUS <—— best dessert ever (ok were a couple more words, but whatever:)

I was wearing 

Edited Coat

Asks Boots and Jeans

Zara Knit 

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