Paula, Michelle and I

Paula and I


London Eye

Piccadilly Circus

Trafalgar Square

Shakespeares Globe

Westminster Bridge


Last full day :( 
Today’s plan were to have lunch with the whole team in a real pub. It was so interesting to see how a pub looks from inside and yep like I have imagined. Kind a Irish I guess haha, but the meal was really nice, I’ve ordered a chicken burger with fries and yea it was really delicious :) others have tried fish and chips, but I don’t really like that so I got the burger.
After lunch we went to my favorite spot in London ‚Notting Hill‘ <— For sure the most beautiful area in the town.
The houses, Portobello Marked … everything is stunning there. And it’s so much calmer than in London city.
On this day I though to wear something more elegant, so I put on this fake wild leather jacker with a basic striped T-shirt. In addition I wore some simple pair of jeans and Superga sneaks.
So sad to leave London, but Barcelona is next so more Outfits from ESPAGNAAA coming soon :)

xx Milana



Third day.. whoo
This day was the day where we probably walked the most. My health app said that we walked more than 20 km, so yess my feet were dying at the end haha
We walked up the Saint Paul’s Cathedral and I am sure this church is the most beautiful church I have ever seen in my life and I have seen quit a lot already. I mean the architecture from inside was so unbelievable overwhelming and I was so sad that I couldn’t do any photos inside (if you visit London, I really recommend to go inside the St. Pauls and definitely up!) It was just fantastic.
Later on we all met again at the London Eye, the London Eye is one of my favorite attraction in London and this was my second time on the wheel and I had so much experiencing all of this with my friends :) 
I love discovering cities by day and also by night,  so after the London Eye some friends and I decided to stay in the city and have dinner at Nando's together and then go and see the tower bridge by night. 
I was wearing my brand new Topshop shirt, which I got one day before and I usually never wear my new stuff directly, but this time I just had to because 1. It was way too hot to wear a sweater by 25°C and 2. I just loved this complete look all together. 

xx Milana 



Oh London, you’re making my heart beat faster every time! 
I am so happy to be back in my favorite city :)
5 days in the best city with the best people, wow I could’t be happier. It was my third time in London now and I always could return, even tho I have seen everything. I don’t know why, but London’s atmosphere, people and culture is just fascinating every single time to the new.
We were extremely lucky with the weather, it didn’t rain and the sun was out 24/7. When I planned my looks for London, I’ve tried to find something ,,London appropriate’’ because who witnesses London without rain.. yea almost no one! This was my first time being in London without rain and cold temperature and it was freaking amazing. 
The day we arrived was literally crazy.. We arrived in the Hostel and went directly to Sainsbury’s to get some food, after eating and relaxing a bit we all went in to the city centre. We started with a little city tour from the Piccadilly Circus to Trafalgar Square. After all that we finally had the opportunity to walk around London on our own. And then somewhere between Oxford Street and Tottenham Court… We met Niall Horan!! I mean I couldn’t really believe what was happening, but I was walking and then for no reason I looked up and he was standing right infront of me. My reaction was toooo funny haha. One of my friends who was also there is the biggest Directioner I know and I just was like : ehhh isn’t this Niall Horan ??? . And then when everyone understood what just happened, we freaked out a bit haha. Sadly we couldn’t ask for a Photo or so because he was trying to catch a bus and he was really really fast. 
First day in London and already action everywhere haha. 
the second day where I wore this outfit was definitely more relaxed. We decided to go a little shopping and just enjoy London by foot. 
I was wearing one of my current fave Bomberjackets from Bershka. I fell in love with this light pink right away. Then I paired a super beautiful shirt by @sincerelyjules who is also a blogger with her own collection .  
For shoes I’m wearing the famous REEBOK x Face Stockholm sneaker in Silver. I choose the color silver because I’m in love with metallic styles and those shoes were the most beautiful metallic shoes I have ever seen.

I was wearing 


                                                                   Photo by Ida Schwarz

        Zara Leatherjacket    //         Asos blouse    //           Asos Mom jeans      //       Asos Loafer

Hello everyone,
If you have read my recent posts you might know that I was in London shooting tons of Asos looks for the blog. This outfit is the last one and also shooted at my favorite location in Notting Hill . I totally fell in love with Notting Hill and I haven’t expect that it is so beautiful there. Well the Portobello market and road was full of people as always I guess so it was kinda challenging to take pictures without people in there haha:) but hopefully you still like the pictures and the outfits I picked up. I’m wearing a flowy white cropped blouse with overlays and my friend said I looked like a pirate with this one haha let’s hope not !! The jeans or better known as ' Mom Jeans‘ 
are as well asos and last but not least the loafers which really made my day even when they were little big and walking London was not that easy with them I still love how they look and how good the jeans look with them .. So one more time thank you asos for the amazing outfits !!!:) Loved being in London.


Photo by Ida Schwarz

This day was my first ever visit to Oxford city and the Oxford University. It was a really sunny and positiv day and we were so lucky having 20+ degrees .So basically I wasn’t sure if I should go to Oxford or not but at the end it was a pretty amazing trip and I had no regrets. I loved the architecture of all colleges and I think everyone else did it too.The funnies thing was definitely seeing the Oxford students walking out of they’re exams full of eggs and cream ,that was a highlight for me for sure.
After all the Oxford hype we finally made it to the London eye that I’ve wanted to visit since the last time I had been to London. The view was amazing !!!

I would say let’s talk about my beautiful Outfit completely from Asos . I wanna thank Asos so so so much for these amazing outfits and for letting me go beautiful through London. Thanks Asos!!
I’m wearing a dark mustered red romper with peeptoe shoes and at some points a leather jacket which is sadly not from Asos. 


                                                            Photo by Ida Schwarz

                     Asos ripped jeans     //     Adidas Superstar similar    //   Adidas t-shirt

               Hello everyone and greetings from London Town.
               I had the opportunity to visit London with tons of ASOS looks ( I had 3 btw).
               So this weekend was full of shootings and filming a little outfit video for my
               yt channel and of course we did a sightseeing tour and I wasn't really lost in London ,but I      
               thought it would be a nice post name it's a must when your in London just have
               an overview over the city.
               When we arrived in London we had booked a Citytour with
               a guide and he settled us to every photo destination in London I had the chance to
               take pictures honestly everywhere and learned something about London's history.
               My whole look is available at you can get the outfit HERE



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