Back in the most beautiful city in the world  V E N E Z I A ❤️
I'm already back in Croatia for a my last day here before heading to Salzburg in Austria. 

I was so so excited to take the boat from Croatia to Italy because I have never experienced a border crossing by boat. We took the boat from Poreč directly to the Port of Venice and it was a two hour ride. The boat was really modern and nice looking, the staffs were really kind and translated us everything in our languages. On the boat were sold snacks and coffee and the most delicious chocolate brioche. When we arrived in Italy I directly looked for Gelato, I definitely missed the ice cream here!! I was so excited to see my cousins reaction after eating real Italian ice cream for the very first time (it also was the first time in Italy).
I think Venice is a city you can't explore in one day, it is my third time here and I have never stayed longer in Venice than one day. I realized that it's definitely not enough for this city because first there is so much to see and second Venice is sooo big and has so much to offer. Everytime I'm in Venice I see something new, new places, new streets, new architecture and this time we had the chance to see how the venetians make their famous Burano glass. Burano glass is a very thin glass type and it's all handmade. We went inside the factory and a man showed us how he creates those little figures out of glass. After all the sightseeing we decided to take a Gondola, I mean what's a Venice trip without a ride on the Gondola?? 
Our Gondoleur was called Lorenzo and he was really nice to us and informed us about everything we need to know about beautiful Venezia. Even though a ride on the Gondola is very expensive I think it's a experience of life!
For my outfit I decided to wear something dolce vita like 🇮🇹 a HM maxi skirt with a striped off the shoulder top. I really like this look because it was easy to walk around with it and it was flowy and definitely comfortable , which was really important for me.

I hope you like my look and my little Venice impression post 

Xx Milana 



                                                                VERONA PHOTO DIARY

Verona City

Piazza Bra

Piazza Bra - Arena

Piazza Bra

Inside the Arena


Casa di Giulietta


Casa Di Giulietta


                Levis shorts   //   Mango Shirt   //    Zebra Sandals (similar)    //    Black shoulder 

The last day here in Milan we decided to go to Expo and check this out. For those who don’t know what expo is, it is a huge exhibition were country’s have their own Pavillon and they are showing
something about their own country. It’s from the 1.May to 31.Oktober in Milano, but I don’t recommend going on a Saturday or Sunday because the queue will be endlessly and you’ll wait 2 h to see one Pavillon. I went to a plenty small pavilions for example: Ghana,Kenya,Yemen and Bahrain <- It was really interesting.
Bigger Pavillons I visited were : Brasil,Malaysia,Russia,Germany,Belarus,Moldova and USA .
Waited for these a little time,but it was worth seeing these beautiful cultures. For my outfit I choose something comfortable for the long day at expo. I mean you have to stand and walk all the time.

Check Expo here

Milana x


         Asos blouse  //   Asos skirt   //   Asos sandals   //   Black bag (similar)   //  Bracelet (similar)

Wearing Asos head to toe again and again. And honestly I don't even wanna stop wearing it all the time. The second day here in Milan was a really cultural day and I've learned a lot about Italian churches. Here the last picture for example was on top of the Duomo. Milan from above is one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen!.
As I said the outfit is completely from Asos and I've been dreaming to have this skirt for such a long time that I finally got it and the best thing was it was on sale and still is ,so go to and grab one!! Gladiator sandals are incredibly beautiful and actually also comfortable,but I don't really know what was wrong with mine because the cords fell down every 5 minutes, so I decided to knot the cords on my ankle and it looked also good, I believe haha.
While in Italy you have to try some Ice cream, I swear this is the best thing in all time. I recommend the flavor 'Mango' it's just the best and in general Italian food is just perfection.


               Abercrombie&Fitch romper   //    Bag  //    Aldo sandals   //    Sunglasses (similar)

Today was my 16th birthday and I’m in MILANOOO. I’m so thankful for my parents and Airbnb for making this incredible trip happen and I could have never ask for something better. The Italian culture always fascinated me in some way. I mean southern Europe at all. I have chose Milan because I’m a person who loves traveling to old and historical city’s and Milan is a perfect example.The first day here was a complete success.I fell in love with the city in the first second I attended those old beautiful streets here. I’m wearing my Abercrombie & Fitch romper which I bought in Hamburg 4 months ago with the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn and It’s also my first time wearing them and I had no issues <- Thankfully haha.
This romper is one of the most beautiful things I have ever bought because there are two things what makes everything perfect and stylish.
  1. The bell sleves 
  2. off the shoulder 
these two things on a dress or blouse made always my day and my complete summer actually.
And I honestly can’t believe that summer is almost over I don’t want to say bye :( ,but the fashion month starts in few days which means : Watching live streams 24/7.




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