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What a wonderful day in beautiful R O V I N J. 
Today was one of the best days in Croatia, after seeing so many beautiful things here I realized that Croatia is so much more than everyone says. It’s my second time in Croatia and this time I understand why everyone is coming here. 
We took the boat to Rovinj to explore the city a bit and when we arrived we had this beautiful front scene of the city. I took the longest to take pictures and I took tons of them haha. 
Rovinj is like Venice just smaller and not so hyped but It’s definitely worth the trip. 
I couldn’t stop taking pictures of every little corner in the city, I love old city’s and old architecture especially when the houses are colorful. 
I’m so happy to had the chance to see this wonderful city, sadly we only had 2 hours but I think we made the best out of them.
My look reminds me of a simple summer street style look from NY 
I love this striped thight dress together with some sneakers and bomber jacket all from Bershka. 
My sunnies are brand new because I bought them a few minutes later when we arrived in Rovinj, I’m so happy for my little Souvenir :)

xx Milana

 I was wearing 



I’m finally got to shoot my first look in a small and colorful village in Croatia called V R S A R . We are in the county of Istria, which is in the northern part of Croatia. Close big city’s are Pula, Rovinj and Porec. I’m so excited to explore all of these city’s here. I didn’t expect a lot when we came to Vrsar, but I totally fell in love with it. The streets and houses are so sweet and beautiful, I didn’t even wanted to leave. The beach were the most magical I’ve seen here in Croatia and the water was just clear like glass. 
Our apartment is about 5 mins away from the beach and I could spent all my time there.
 I’m so obsessed with colorful walls and especially pink ones. Here in Vrsar I found so many of them and I couldn’t resist take  tons of pictures, even though my shirt says ´no selfies allowed` .

My outfit is a casual exploring look, I love wearing dungarees and adding a casual shirt or oversized shirt is always cool. 
I prefer wearing an oversized T-shirt and knotting it together like I did here. My backpack is a small leather backpack from Calvin Klein.


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