Day two in Amsterdam…

First of all I need you all to tell how beautiful Amsterdam by rain is.

Last night we had a little city night tour and it started extremely raining, somehow I didn’t really care about it. I honestly thought it’s beautiful because usually Amsterdam is a city where it most of the time rains. 
But I actually prefer sunny weather and today on Saturday we had thankfully luck and the weather was awesome.
No rain, even though it was said that it’s going to rain.
Ida and I decided to go to the pool in the morning, our hotel has a little indoor pool so we though why not relaxing a bit before going back to the city.
A couple hours later we finally made it to the city because we really wanted to explore Amsterdam by bike. Biking in Amsterdam is kinda of a must thing to do, first it was a bit hard to go with the city traffic, but after a little while we cruised around the whole Jordan district. The Jordan district is absolutely my favorite place here. It has the most beautiful Grachten and there isn’t so much car or tram traffic. 
The beautiful blouse I’m wearing is again by Glamorous and I’m totally in love with it. The blouse is actually a dress, but I wasn’t sure about the weather situation here in Amsterdam, so I decided to wear it as a blouse. I knotted the ends and voila a beautiful off the shoulder blouse is created.



A M S T E R D A M <3

Amsterdam, what a pretty and iconic city.
All the pictures you have seen of Amsterdam are becoming a real thing and by real I mean exactly this beauty.
Amsterdam is a dream of a city, It’s not the biggest city, but it has definitely the flare of a huge huge city. It doesn’t  has as many exciting sights like Paris or London, but the city and the people are making such a good atmosphere.
I was super exciting to finally go to the Netherlands and see Amsterdam. It’s my second time here, but the last time I was 9 years ago and I honestly don’t remember anything. That’s why Ida and I decided to go on a three day trip over the weekend to explore beautiful Amsterdam. The first thing I thought about when we arrived in the early morning on Friday ``Wow everything looks exactly the same’’ yea most of it’s architecture is the same, but when you look closely you’ll see how different every kind of house or building is, every door, every window or even the stairs. I feel like Amsterdam is the city of arts and creativity. I have never seen so many people being creative on something and it blows my mind how wonderful it is.
When we arrived to Amsterdam the first thing we did was a tour through the complete city, I like having an overview about everything because it would be really bad for us to not know what to do or where to go. Our hotel is not in the city of Amsterdam, it is close to the airport, which is really nice because we have easy access to go to the city centre.
Later the day about 5 o’clock we went to see the Anne Frank house in the district Jordan. It was really really interesting and also overwhelming to see what a teenager in our age did ( I really recommend the Anne Frank house if you’re into history and stuff).

For my outfit I was wearing one of my summer on the go dress by ASOS. I love the details on the chest and how the dress is cut, I felt so comfortable. Another new and favorite things are these beautiful sandals, for some reason I though my feet are going to die, but thankfully not. These shoes were so comfy and easy to wear, I honestly don’t understand this 

I hope you like this look :)

I was wearing 

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