El mar, la más bella del mundo

Absolutely the hottest day here and sadly our last :(
I don’t want to think about going back home to cold Germany. I would stay here forever if I could.. On sunday we decided to relax a little bit, we didn’t want to go somewhere so went to the mall to grab something from Starbucks and subsequently go to the beach. 
The beach was completely full, we didn’t went to the Barceloneta Beach because I’ve read that the other beaches are better and aren’t so full. It was so hot outside, I feel like everyone from Barcelona was there. The dumb thing was that we didn’t brought any kind of sun protection and now we all have sunburns and it burns so so much. I probably should carry a small bottle of sunscreen with me, especially in Spain.
For my last look I have worn a suede material skirt from mango combined with a flowy Brandy Melville shirt and black sandals.
To keep myself a bit warmer I put on my black leather vest from HM (I really didn’t had to, it was way too hot).

I will definitely come back someday to Barcelona!! 
Until next time, Photo diary coming soon.

I was wearing 


 I feel like going to museums and parks which are teaching you something about life or the artist himself is so interesting. Today we went to the Park Güell, it’s a outdoor park on a hill in northern Barcelona. It’s about Antoni Gaudi who was an architect from Barcelona, he made most of the architecture here. In general my favorite kind if art are mosaics and strange art like Antoni Gaudi or Picasso. The park was really really beautiful, but I think it was a little bit expensive for just a walk through. Next stop was the heart of Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia church. We already tried twice to get in there, but for some reason in never worked out because it was to late or we didn’t have time anymore. And today we finally made it because we ordered the tickets online. I really recommend you to buy the tickets online because 1. you can choose your time, when you want to go in and 2. it’s much cheaper, I believe it costs like 18€ for a general ticket and we payed about 15€.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this church from inside, it looks like a huge organism because the columns were just unbelievable high and beautiful. The mosaics, the colors and the light everything seemed so unrealistic. It was definitely the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen.

For today’s look I wanted to wear something more warm because the weather wasn’t really that good, so I put my favorite ripped jeans on which I wanted to wear for a really long time and finally did yesss. 

xx Milana

I was wearing



I adore you, Barcelona♡
What a magical day.. our second day in Barcelona was just awesome.
I totally fell in love. 
We woke up at 7 am and decided to go on a little beach run and do a workout. It was so much fun, it was so much more motivating than going to a boring gym. Even the people are a motivation because there are so many joggers and fitness people I could’t believe my eyes. Then we had the idea to spent some time at Las Ramblas . It’s the longest street in Barcelona and it has museums, markets and everything you need ( or not haha). My mum decided to get herself a portrait of herself haha. The lady who drew her was so sweet and nice to us, she really made my day. 
Around 6 o’clock we went to the Montjuic ( the house mountain of Barcelona ) We had the most beautiful view of Barcelona City and the sea. On our way to the national museum we heard a really loud voice singing one of my favorite songs ( Wild thing’s by Alessia Cara) at the end we came closer to the actual location and it came out being live music by Alessia Cara herself because she was the first act for the Coldplay Show, which was on this exact evening. It was pretty cool to listen to her because her voice is just great. 

I was wearing a striped off the shoulder shirt with a pair of ripped jeans and a really really thin Bomberjacket by Bershka. This outfit is probably my favorite because it’s so comfortable, especially the shoes. The weather today in Barcelona felt like mid summer, it was so hot outside I was so happy that I didn’t took a big jacket with me. Hope you like the pictures :)

xx Milana 

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FINALLY.. I’m in beautiful S P A I N :)
You don’t believe how excited I was for this trip. Every time I thought about going to Barcelona with my best friend.. I literally was shaking because of excitement. This was our first full day here and the only word I can say is ,WOW'. The atmosphere here is so cool and relaxing, I don’t even want to think about leaving this place.
Our Apartment is in the Besòs Mar district. Pretty close to the beach and to a huge shopping mall. It takes about 20 min to drive with the metro to the city centre ( Placa de la Catalunya ). If you’re ever going to be in Barcelona I really recommend the El Born district it’s so beautiful and there's yummy food. I still haven’t tried Tapas and Paella, but I hope in the upcoming days I will. Everyone told me that I shouldn’t leave Barcelona without having some Tapas haha. 
For my outfit I decided to wear something elegant and pretty for our first day. Those are absolutely my fave H&M pants because they have a really soft material and it was so so comfortable to walk in and to explore Barcelona. I usually don’t wear H&M jeans or pants because I don’t feel very comfortable and I also think they don’t fit me, but those ones are really nice,
This outfit is a tiny bit Barcelona inspired because the print on my blouse kind of reminds me at all of Barcelona’s architecture (which btw is so freaking pretty and aesthetic) I think I have never seen a city with so much love and enthusiasm for Art.
I was wearing 

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