Some of the most beautiful places on earth!!!

I've been travelling the past two years 2013 and 2014 quit a lot and I'm beyond grateful for that . I know not everybody in my age has a chance to do all of that and I'm really thankful .
I'm definitely not a person who can say 'Oh I already stopped counting where I have been ' .
I still remember all the countries ,places and cities I've visited and I guess I won't forget that so fast haha . A lot of people tell me that they hate travelling, what I personally don't understand ,but they tell me how bad it is staying at airports for hours and hours and the long flights and finally arriving in the Hotel just for sleep, mostly in the middle of the day . I feel so different in this situation I'm obsessed with airports haha yep I am and flying ,I love watching through the window while listening to my inspirational songs that are always giving me so much motivation that I sometimes smile on flights haha sounds weird I know . But listening to music while flying is the best thing ever . After arriving at my hotel I'm actually always hyped and want to discover everything on the first day even when I have jetlag and I'm tired ,but that's me ( of course I'm not going out when I arrive at night ,then I go to sleep to try and keep jetlag away). The fact that I'm still going to school is that I only have the opportunity to travel on school holiday, so not that often, but I try to make the best out of these few weeks I have to see and discover the world .
One good thing is that I've never travelled alone ,I always had a person who helped me with everything I couldn't fix alone . But I think I also could travel alone without problems .
While I was getting older I recognized that I love travelling to cities with big and interesting histories for example I was 2013 in italy for a week and it was such an awesome trip ,we actually were touring through italy ,we were everyday in a different city with one tour guide and he explained and told us everything about the different cities. I remember the first day we visited Verona , second day was in Pisa and I took so many funny photos with the Leaning tower of Pisa, third day was in Firenze which was my favorite city on that whole trip, fourth day was in Rome ,fifth day was in Venice , yes and on the sixth day we drove home to Frankfurt.
Dubai and Recife are two of my favorite cities in the world. I've been in both 2014 and gowd I had a good time . We spent 12 days in Dubai ,it was over new years eve 2013 and I remember how confused me and my cousin were when we waited of the fireworks haha I miss this time a lot . Recife was in autmn 2014 with my best friend and I had so much luck and I'm really really grateful to was able to travel with her and her family who took me with them , I still don't believe that I was in Brazil with my best friend I guess I won't forget this special trip for a lifetime .

Here's a little Q&A

What is your next destination ?

I think 2015 I'll be in Straßbourg this spring and summer maybe in Moscow,Russia in May
London and Hamburg .
but that's all not clear but hopefully it will be .
Excited what the future holds !!

What's your must have to pack in your handbag?

I pack in my handbag like seriously everything ,but the most important is actually my
phone charger,some dried pineapples and a Harry Potter book .

What do you do when you forgot something at home?

When it is something really important like charger or camera ,I'll ask everyone around me if I can borrow it for a day or for some hours ,but when it's something like a teethbrush ( that happend to me the last time when I was away haha ) I went to a drugstore and bought me a cheap new one .

Do you like staying at Hotels and being away from home?

YES, I do love it´. Staying in hotels is for me the most exciting thing ever , waking up in a clean bed and going down to have breakfast yes,yes that's life . Buffet breakfast is amazing haha .
I've never really had homesickness I actually don't miss my home I rather enjoy staying away . I love my home , but I prefer being somewhere else .

I hope I could help in some ways haha :)
-Luv Milana

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