Oh London, you’re making my heart beat faster every time! 
I am so happy to be back in my favorite city :)
5 days in the best city with the best people, wow I could’t be happier. It was my third time in London now and I always could return, even tho I have seen everything. I don’t know why, but London’s atmosphere, people and culture is just fascinating every single time to the new.
We were extremely lucky with the weather, it didn’t rain and the sun was out 24/7. When I planned my looks for London, I’ve tried to find something ,,London appropriate’’ because who witnesses London without rain.. yea almost no one! This was my first time being in London without rain and cold temperature and it was freaking amazing. 
The day we arrived was literally crazy.. We arrived in the Hostel and went directly to Sainsbury’s to get some food, after eating and relaxing a bit we all went in to the city centre. We started with a little city tour from the Piccadilly Circus to Trafalgar Square. After all that we finally had the opportunity to walk around London on our own. And then somewhere between Oxford Street and Tottenham Court… We met Niall Horan!! I mean I couldn’t really believe what was happening, but I was walking and then for no reason I looked up and he was standing right infront of me. My reaction was toooo funny haha. One of my friends who was also there is the biggest Directioner I know and I just was like : ehhh isn’t this Niall Horan ??? . And then when everyone understood what just happened, we freaked out a bit haha. Sadly we couldn’t ask for a Photo or so because he was trying to catch a bus and he was really really fast. 
First day in London and already action everywhere haha. 
the second day where I wore this outfit was definitely more relaxed. We decided to go a little shopping and just enjoy London by foot. 
I was wearing one of my current fave Bomberjackets from Bershka. I fell in love with this light pink right away. Then I paired a super beautiful shirt by @sincerelyjules who is also a blogger with her own collection .  
For shoes I’m wearing the famous REEBOK x Face Stockholm sneaker in Silver. I choose the color silver because I’m in love with metallic styles and those shoes were the most beautiful metallic shoes I have ever seen.

I was wearing 


Ciao guys,
Finally our Italian friends came to visit us in Germany- I was so so excited for the upcoming week and honestly I couldn’t stop planning more. I think it’s really cool to show a foreigner your own culture and country. Everyday was a new adventure and over the weekend we decided to visit beautiful cologne. Or how they call it in italian ‚Colonia'. I kind a think Colonia sounds way much better than in german or english haha. I love cologne and especially the beautiful cathedral from outside and inside (if you ever going to be in cologne, I recommend to go up and in. It’s definitely worth it.)
Thankfully the weather was sunny, so I had the opportunity to wear something less warm and go with something more flowy. I’ve got some brown Jeans from Pieces and a t-shirt with lots of italian words on it, in addition I put on this flowy  „cape“ form Bershka. 
Visiting new cities is always so much fun, especially with good friends!! Even though I have been to cologne a quit few times I have never really enjoyed it as much as I did now. Germany is so much more beautiful, when the weather is good. And I could happily return to cologne just for sitting at the rhine river and watching the sun set.

  I was wearing 

  Photo by Paula Clemens


Ohh April… 
Here we are! The 4th month started now and I feel like the time is just flying and flying. I'm sure new years eve was just a couple weeks ago haha. I spent the first day of April in beautiful Frankfurt. My friend Paula and I went to do something for school and of course for some shopping. I didn’t really find something in the stores, but thanks god I got new headphones. I lost mine in Austria almost 2 months ago and I’m so happy to be able again to listen to music outside. It was for sure the most boring bus and train rides the past 2 months.
If you're wondering I got the basic apple EarPods.

For my outfit I decided to wear something more interesting. I found this big blue sweater in my house and It’s obviously my dad’s sweater ( so thanks dad haha), but I love big sweaters and I thought this color would perfectly match my black ASOS Mom-Jeans. Those jeans are epic for me. I mean this hole is so big that I kinda started liking it, and yea it happened accidentally that it got ripped so much. 
You know I actually found a jeans on which looked exactly like this one I’m wearing and I wanted this pair of jeans so much, but sadly it was sold out. I found a similar pair, but of course it wasn’t the same :( 
And now I accidentally ripped my normal jeans to some dream jeans haha :)^

Big Thanks to my friend Paula for making those beautiful pictures, even tho it was her very first time working with me and working with all my equipment. Big Thanks :)

x Milana


Photo by Paula Clemens


Happy easter y’all :)
I hope you all have an amazing easter holiday! I celebrated easter with my family at my Grandparents house. We had lots of food and it was just great being in a good company. 
For todays look I had a pretty simple, but still kind a artsy look. I love pictures which look a bit vintage and are in front of a basic colored wall. I just grabbed my cousins skateboard, some slip on’s and not to forget the comfiest jeans ever and went off to a white wall haha. As I said my Mom jeans from Urban Outfitters are the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned and I love wearing them to everything basic like the white neck shirt here.
For a little special addition I put on the MiuMiu sunnies as the sun came out for some hours.

xx Milana 

   I was wearing 


Wow spring just came in a few days ago and the weather completely changed. It’s much warmer outside and super sunny for mid march. I was so excited for spring break and to finally wear sneakers outside, but ( the great but) I got sick :((( I think the half of the week I couldn’t go outside because my throat was burning like crazy. I still cough a little, but I thankfully don’t feel any pain. So as I said I was exciting to finally wear sneakers outside and no more boots (even tho I love boots so much) It was definitely time. I have worn for this look my baby blue ASOS jeans with the softest t-shirt in the whole world from Pull and Bear. Let me just tell you something ,if your looking for some cool and soft shirts I really recommend you Pull and Bear!! Their shirts are literally the most cuddly ever. In addition I put on some of my older stuff like this Jacket I already have 4 years and my beloved Superga sneaks.
And I just wanted to say sorry for not being so activ lately, but I had so many exams and tests last week that I couldn't post any outfits :( But finally holidays are here, I will try to post moreeee :)

xx Milana






 Photo by Ida Schwarz


Being a little late this time, but I finally had a free weekend without something to study. I used this weekend to write new posts and if you haven’t seen it yet, there are two new ones about NYFW and LWF. So yes, my Kitzbühel  looks aren’t done,but I promise this one here is the last haha:) I was wearing my new off the shoulder sweater and some comfy jeans. For the shoes I decided to take on some casual black boots, so my feet are weather appropriate, even tho I wasn’t haha I was literally freezing wearing this off the shoulder sweater. We took those pictures on the day we left Kitzbühel and I decided last minute to shoot this look. And of course my camera battery had to die at this moment  ( wasn’t I lucky?? - not) then we took just a couple pictures on my IPhone. And I’m really sorry for this quality, hope you still like this look :)

xx Milana 

I was wearing 

Photo by Ida Schwarz


Hello beautiful Kitzbühel :)
I just spent 4 days in Kitzbühel and it’s just so magical here. But first I want to talk about my first look from Kitzbühel. I think layering is one of my favorite styles ever!! ,but it’s still a challenge sometimes to find something match to layer. Some people are kings in layering and then theres me haha I’m still learning :) For such a winter like here in Austria it’s important to wear waterproof shoes or you’ll have wet and frozen feet. Those are some pretty big boots extra made for the snow and extremely warm keeping, which is awesome. Then with it I paired some basic blue jeans and my older Zara coat. 
So now I can talk about my super exciting days here in Austria. I’m actually here to ski and we heard that Kitzbühel has some super cool slopes, so we spontaneously decided to do a ski holiday. The good thing is that my best friend came with me because she is a pro in skiing and yep I've learned a lot. It’s my first time going on  real and risky slopes , but I guess I did a good job for the first time in my life. I’m so happy that I got to do this and I had so much fun skiing the second and third day because day one was the learning day and I literally fell down every 10 meters haha :)

xo Milana

I was wearing 

Photo: Ida Schwarz


I think the combination sneakers with coats has a place in every bloggers heart. And me as well !!.
Here, I am wearing my super chic coat which is also cool and elegant in a same way, with it some super cool and casual white nike sneakers. Definitely one of my favorite combinations:)
As you reading this I’m on my way to AUSTRIA better said KITZBÜHEL and I’m so so excited and I can’t wait taking pictures of this beautiful city. Of course I’m not there because of only taking pictures, I’m there to SKI and try out some new tricks or so haha:) (I’m not the best skier, to be honest :) but I try my best. 
This is my first time staying in Austria for a couple more days because usually when I’m in Austria I’m just driving through to Italy or so, but this time FINALLY.
Hope you like this look. !


I was wearing 


What is your type of a perfect Jean? …This is what I have been asking myself for the past couple of days. I am such a Jean fanatic, I could wear any kind of jeans,in every color and every cut. My favorite cuts are Mom-Jeans, Boyfriend Jeans, High Waist and of course the basic skinnies. Today I have worn these ONLY jeans which are already a bit older,but the color and the cut is heaven. 
A casual shopping day in super comfortable jeans and a warm keeping jacket is everything when you want to enjoy your shopping trip. 

xx Milana 

I was wearing 


I think my love to coats will never stop. I’m obsessed with wearing coats in winter especially when it’s not too cold and a coat can keep you warm. To be honest I don’t know where I got this coat from because it’s an older one which also my mum wore a couple years ago. But I can say that this coat is perfect for a weather like this = Grey, Rainy and everything bad haha and January of course. January is one of the months I absolutely don’t like (including February) I don’t know ,but the weather here in Germany is bad and the holidays are over and January makes me feel moody all day. With the coat I decided to wear a yellow kinda mustard colored long sleeved shirt with a pair of basic black jeans and my usual chelsea boots. I think this look is a perfect January look it’s not really colorful, but the shirt puts a little color to the complete outfit.

I was wearing 
Asos Boots
Ripped Jeans
Black and White Coat
Black Scarf
Marc Jacobs Bag


I hope you all celebrated NYE with good moods and a good attitude for 2016 haha. I had an amazing evening with my friends ,we celebrated New Years Eve really typical just like a little house party with some fireworks and good music. 
I’m excited for 2016!- Until now I don’t have any plans what will come up except that I’ll study more for school :) ( I try haha ).
I want 2016 to be a successful year full of adventures and developments. I want to create more, post more outfits, maybe try something else, I want difference ,so let’s hope everything what I’m hoping and believing in will come true. 
Two of my favorite destinations are already planned for 2016 and I can’t wait for this year to be amazing.
I’m not trying to sound weird or so just believe in what you do!!



Hello everyone,
I hope you liked my last christmas post ( it’s directly under this post if you haven’t seen it already .)
As you all know the crazy shopping before christmas is for everyone a challenge, for me too!!. My friend Ida and I went to the city to buy presents and some new outfits for NYE because we are going to spent New year’s Eve together. After some crazy shopping days in Paris I still haven’t had all presents together and I was sooo nervous and exciting that I won’t have all presents on Christmas Eve, but thankfully I had and I was the happiest. 
I think a present is something individual you can buy everything you want and I guess when it’s something interesting everyone could love it. I like getting present which are unsuspected and It’s really a present I didn’t know about. But for me giving presents is still the most beautiful moment. 
My outfit is pretty casual and also really warm and comfortable (which is nice when it’s freezing cold outside). My sweater is the most comfiest thing ever, you can put your hair in the turtle neck and rock the winter season haha :) (just saying). No, but this look is a wonderful shopping look you can walk around the city all day without getting injuries on your feet because comfy sneaker are always the solution. Next favorite thing is this bershka parker and to be honest I have never really liked parkers at all, I just know that everyone owns one and I never wanted to have a parker especially in dark green. But…
Let me just say this ´brown’ colored jacket is the result for everything. 
It’s so warm keeping, comfortable and fashionable, I just couldn’t.
This Jacket is not mine ( it’s my friends jacket, but I wanted to have a post with this jacket because I’m so in love with it haha.)
I also should get me a jacket like this.

I was wearing 

Photo by Ida Schwarz

xx Milana 


Hi Guys,
I just got the warmest and biggest jacket I have ever seen in my entire life. This is the Reebok Bomber jacket in dark green or military color as a lot of people also say and this is one of my vintage picks together with the oversized Levis jacket in an older post and another jacket coming in January. This is my second favorite of them three because this jacket is like really oversized and it’s a little bit too much oversized, but It’s definitely wearable maybe not for everyone and everyday ,nevertheless it’s something for me and I loved to shoot in this incredibly cozy jacket. I’m excited to wear this jacket again someday. With the jacket I paired my leather pants from the label ONLY and some casual black chelsea boots from ASOS. 
The last thing I want to talk about is this beautiful pullover. It has an amazing texture, It’s really soft and it feels so good. Everyone asked me if it’s not too cold for me to go out with it, but no it wasn’t I’m not sure if it was the weather or the pullover haha. The cut outs are making this pullover edgy and so much more interesting, so a mix between rocky and casual. 

I was wearing 



The second day in Paris were spent at the Versailles palace. It was just unbelievable beautiful and I was fascinated by everything. If you’re ever traveling to Paris go and see Versailles ( I really recommend ). Seeing how the King and the nobility lived in the baroque time was incredible. It was kind of bizarre and ornate at the same time. The most beautiful room was the hall of mirrors, everything was magical and I didn’t want to leave to be honest, but we had to haha. The next stop was the 'Jardin‘  or the Garden. It was really windy and cold outside this day, so we didn’t stay a long time there. I recognized that in december is nothing going on outside I mean the water fountains were off and also most of the statues were covered with tarpaulins (sadly!).
For the first time in my life I’ve worn my burberry scarf for a blogpost. I got this scarf for a pretty good deal when I was in Dubai over christmas and now two years later I got the chance to wear it haha.
My dress or better said Knit dress is from Myhailys and it’s the most elegant and comfortable thing for a visit in a château especially Versailles. I love the fringe at the bottom and how it goes around the arms. It kept me really warm!! :). My next favorites are those Asos chelsea boots with a little heel. I’m addicted to shoes like them and I feel so much better and more confident wearing so beautiful shoes.

I was wearing 



A city with attraction so deep down that it’s not possible to not visit it. This trip to Paris was a really special trip for me because I went alone for the first time. Ok my friend was with me, but it’s still something different than with parents. First I was kinda skeptical with this situation because I was a little scared about how to connect with the city and how to find everything I need. I wanted to have this trip as chilly as stress, nothing, just some relaxing winter days in beautiful Paris and thankfully it worked out and we had some magical days. 
My new VILA coat is one of my favorites right now and I was super exciting to finally be able to wear it ( I got this coat in summer, so you can guess I was really really excited). My jeans and boots are of course  from ASOS and I didn’t even know that jeans with holes ,but also no holes exist haha (had to buy them). 
You should know I love walking through foreign city’s to explore them on my own. I’m honestly obsessed and today we nearly walked through whole paris, except when it was really really far away. I think our longest walk was from the Louvre Museum to the Eiffel tower and in between we went to had lunch at Champs Elysee (It was amazing and so delicious). Paris got my heart..<3

Oh and I tried Creme Brûlée for the first time and the only word I cay is FREAKING DELICIOUS <—— best dessert ever (ok were a couple more words, but whatever:)

I was wearing 

Edited Coat

Asks Boots and Jeans

Zara Knit 


Hello everyone,
It’s getting colder and colder outside and I guess I have to deal with it that it’s now winter. For some reason I’m not a winter lover,but one thing is absolutely amazing about winter and those cold temperatures… 
Let me just say it : Everywhere you go you’re cuddled in a huge winter jacket, coat or parker . I love seeing people wearing coats or winter jackets ,It’s just so beautiful.

For this look I was wearing a vintage Levis jacket which is obviously oversized and yep I’m just in love. This is basically the warmest jacket I’ve ever owned in my entire life. I’ve been in love with jeans jacket the whole year through and in winter I won’t stop haha just continuing the jean jacket obsession.
Underneath the jacket I wore a comfy and cuddly knit pullover and my old, but beloved american eagle pants.
We’ve shot those pictures in one of my favorite cities, the city is called Wiesbaden it’s a really old city, which is really beautiful and also historical. During christmas time Wiesbaden gets in a total different atmosphere, everything is kind and warm and when you look in a shop you’ll see a lot of old and retro christmas decoration.

Hope you liked this look :)

I was wearing

Photo by Ida Schwarz


My first post back in Germany :)). And I would rather be at the beach, but no school’s calling :( 
For todays look I choose this beautiful oversized poncho with my white mom jeans and the adidas superstars. This look was inspired by my friend who also took the pictures with me. She wore a similar look in London and now I’m showing you this look here. I hope you like it it’s one of my favorite fall looks. Here is my first attempt to layer my outfits. I kinda fell in love with layers and oversized sweaters and winter is coming so much closer (or is even here already) but I still have some fall inspired looks left to show you. I basically came a little later than usually because of the amount of Thailand posts I had. I apologize for that, but I hope you liked them :)

Photo by Ida Schwarz

I was wearing 

Milana xx


Sometimes I feel like a different person when I’m at the beach and having the sun shining on me. I’m such a day person and such a sun lover, you don’t believe. When I see the sun lighting up I’m always getting so happy and in a better mood. The sun makes my live worth living! I’m in Germany at the moment and it’s slowly getting colder and colder outside. To be honest I don’t really enjoy the winter season (except of christmas), but november to march are the months I absolutely don’t like and seeing these pictures makes me even more miss the warm sun and this beautiful beach.
But I should talk more about what I’m wearing, right?. This dress is literally the heaviest dress I have ever worn and I call it the 'curtains dress' because it just reminds me of a curtain hahaha. I thankfully found this laced belt so it doesn’t look like a real curtain.
We shot those pictures on Koh Chang and it was just awesome. Taking photos at the beach is my absolut favorite thing and I had so much fun.
Most of the time I was barefoot so I don’t have any shoes to show you haha (u know tried to be that cool lagoon girl in the middle of nowhere).

I was wearing 

Asks Reclaimed Vintage Off the Shoulder dress

Photo by Wladimir Scepik   (


Hello everyone,
After such a long time I’m finally back with a new outfit post. I’ve already posted so many posts from Thailand and this won’t be the last.. I think after this comes one more outfit post and just some photo diaries and then I’m completely done. I have finally got my pictures from the two photoshoots we did in Pattaya and Koh Chang.
Huge thanks to my talented uncle for taking these!! I’ll let the links down below for his page.
I’m wearing this absolutely beautiful off the shoulder dress from Mango and this dress is just my favorite. 
After I came back from Thailand I had a lot to do for school and I still have to do, but I try to post more looks in december and I think I’m finally ready to go into winter season haha (after so long !!)
I’m super excited for next couple of weeks when the holiday starts and I promise coats are going to be everywhere.:)

Here is some Music I’ve been loving for the last couple of weeks:

Justin Bieber - Purpose   <—— Yep Whole Album
Chet Faker - 1998
Cape Cub - Keep Me in Mind
CYN - Something 
Drake - Hotline Bling (Charlie Puth & Armen Cekin Remix)
Josef Salvat - Open Season
Karin Park - Shine (Midliife Remix)
Kiiara - Gold
Kill Paris - Operate
Mura Masa - Firefly
Mura Masa - Love for that 
Olly Macfarlane - Affection (Cresce Remix)
Oscar Key Sung - Brush
Slow Magic - Waited 4 you ( ODESZA remix)
Stephen - Fly down
Years and Years - Communion <— Album 

I was wearing :

Mango - Off Shoulder Dress


Photographers link :


    Finally I got to wear those beautiful elephant shorts, I've waited for this so long!
    And now on a simple beach day I wore a simple beach look :) Super adorable elephant
    shorts which are high waisted and a cropped green crochet top from Pull&Bear. And what is better
   than wearing elephant short in Thailand - Yep nothing!

   x Milana

   I was wearing :

   Asos shorts
   Pull&Bear shirt


     Koh Chang is absolutely one of the most beautiful islands I have ever been to. The beach, the sunset, the people and food everything had it's own kind of thing in a really positive way. This look was one of my favorites because I was sure enough to wear those vintage flared trousers I got this summer when I was in Ukraine. I have them in two colors one in blue and one in like a light pink. I decided to wear the blue ones this day. I paired a cropped black neckholder top from bershka and those neckholder tops were my luv this summer even I haven't worn them so much.

My family found an amazing restaurant directly on the beach and this restaurant was a family restaurant who was run by a Thai Family from Bangkok. I have eaten the most delicious Burger in my life and I'm not lying, I'm 100 % honest with this hahaha . OHH When it comes to food...:)

x Milana

I was wearing :

Bershka neckholder top
Vintage flared trousers
Asos Gladiator sandals


I think this day was the most magical and fanstastic day in my whole life. I can't even describe it in words how amazing the world and nature is. I got the chance to swim and hang out with elephants a few hours. For this trip we had to drive about 6 h from Pattaya to Koh Chang ( the elephant island) and there it happend, this feeling is unbelieveable and I swear I still get goosebums when I'm talking about it. A wonderful day for sure. My elephant was called Boonya and she was a little bit older, but really energetic and playful. She got me like whoaaa!!
For me are elephants the most fascinating and beautiful animals in the world .

For this day I have worn my new lovely jumpsuit I got a few weeks ago in Verona plus the most beautiful necklace with of course an elephant on it ( I did it for extra haha).
For my shoes I wore the same as I wear my whole trip through some comfortable and easy to take off slips

I was wearing:

Brandy Melville romper


  After a lot of walking and exploring Thailand and Cambodia we finally arrived back to the Hotel in Pattya. To be honest this absoulte beautiful crochet blouse from HM is not made for extreme summers, but I thought this look without this is not a look, right??? ( I took it off after we were done taking photos haha ).I'm not a person for relaxing by the pool or by beach weeks through. I love exploring and discovering new places, so sometimes it contains a lot lot of walking, but thankfully I am obsessed doing it and I could do it more often, not everyday or someting just more often :)

Oh and by the way this crochet blouse and shorts are on sale now !!

I was wearing :

Crochet blouse
Bershka necholder top
Asos shorts

x Milana


   From temple to temple on day 2. Angkor Thom was the last and most enduring capital city of the Khmer empire. After having a pretty bad night at our Hotel we went temple hopping in Angkor Thom.
Angkor Thom has a lot of old and beautiful Temples for exemple the biggest one Angkor Wat. It was a long day and a lot of walking, but to be honest it was really interesting. In one of the temples Angelina Jolie filmed her role as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider and people from all over the world came to visit those temples in Angkor. 
Because it was not allowed to wear shoulder free and knee free I had to wear long jeans even if I think on this day it was the hottest day here in all time.Thankfully I took on the white ones and of course I had to pull up my top when I entered the Angkor Wat temple.
My jeans are from Mango and my top is from Brandy Melville.

I was wearing 

Mango jeans

Brandy Melville Top


   One of the most interesting countries I have ever seen. Cambodia. When I heard that we're all going to leave Thailand and spent some days in Cambodia for some Temple tours I freaked out because I have never thought in my life that I will someday have the chance to explore Cambodia. We left Thailand at 4am and had a 5 hour drive to Siem Reap, Cambodia. I remember the weird passcontrol and how beautiful the Cambodian visa is. The first day in Siem Reap we went to a lake and this lake was absolutely crazy. Houses, Schools and churches everything was on the water. The people were extremely good to us and I felt really nice there. For my outfit I decided to wear something comfortable, but still it should look great and I could make some photos.

I was wearing

Hollister T-shirt dress


It was my dream to own a perfect fitted dungaree like this. But to be honest it was so hard to find one. H&M was thankfully there for me and I've found the perfect for me. I really like this dungaree because it doesn't look like a basic piece, it more looks like a vintage piece from a coll fancy vintage shop.

This day we went to the same Island as we went yesterday 'Koh Larn' , but to the Samea Beach.
And I think that both of them are amazing beaches with tons of beatiful places to shoot.

I was wearing :

HM shorts

Brandy Melville shirt

Retro sunglasses


Going on islands with clear blue water and white sand makes my heart beating like some crazy bongo's haha. Today was my first time on a Island in Thailand and the Island is named Kho Larn. It's near the hotel where we life here in Pattaya, so we decided to catch the next ferry and discover a new cute island.
The most excited thing was when I found those amazing two swings right at the beach.
For a simple beach day somewhere out of the city I've decided to wear something casual like this oversized white T-shirt from Pull&Bear and my new favorite shorts from Brandy Melville, I got in Milan this summer.

I was wearing:


    Finally got my summer back ♥ After resting two days at the beach and doing absolutely nothing we finally went to the Khao Kheow open Zoo near Pattaya in Thailand. I completely fell in love with the Thai culture and if you know me FRUITS are my life, my everything and here I honestly eat tons of tropical fruits. Mango's are still my faves. The Zoo was full of interesting animals for exemple: Monkeys, Tigers, Lions and all of that and the best thing was when I had the opportunity to feed a Lion. For Todays look I was wearing my dark blue summer dress from mango with some slip on sandals and for a little attraction this new silver necklace from Bijou Brigitte.

Outfit links:




   Venice is definitely one of my favorite city all around the world, but the most important thing is to visit the city when it's sunny. My first time in Venice was two years ago and I didn't really like the city at all because the weather was horrible all day rain and it was very cold. But this time it was magical . This look is similar to my last post m, but I'm just in love with those jeans and I could wear them all day. This little neckholder top is from Bershka and my cardigan from Edited. 'Venice has my heart' I couldn't stop taking pictures of the statues and the architecture. I'm so excited to post my Venice diary so you can all see them. And if you haven't been to Venice I recommend to go in summer and have the time of your life ( like me haha )
Special thanks to my Italian family  love you all.

I was wearing 


    One of the sunniest and most beautiful days were in Garda. We had the chance to drive by boat of the Garda lake. It felt like real summer in mid October . Getting huge Italian ice cream and a latte macchiato in a small beautiful cafe was on our daily list. And trust me I was so sad to leave this place. I was wearing a white mom jeans and I usually never liked white pants or jeans, but in the last few weeks it became my little love. In general mom jeans are the best inventions in all time. After spending some time in the city we thought to take a little hike to the nearby city Bordolino. And both city's are incredibly beautiful.

I was wearing 

HM off the shoulder top

Mango Mom jeans

Edited Cardigan

Gold glitter sneaker (similar)


  To be honest I think that every girl or woman owns a kimono or cape. Nowadays it's a must have to   have one especially in fall time. They are so comfortable and light it's impossible to not love it.
 My cape or kimono is from Mango and I love the stripes and how flowy it is. The little strips are making the look even cuter.
All black and white in Padova. Padova is a really beautiful and historical city and it makes me  curious how old everything is. We have seen the University of Padova where Galileo Galilei was the professor and the famous Giotto chapel. All in one Padova is a really beautiful city where you don't only can make sightseeing tours, you also can shop really good.

I was wearing

Mango Cape

Mango Trousers

Zara Slip on


  Second day in Verona was as the first a pleasure. As you might know that I've posted the first          Verona look while I was in Verona and all the other posts are coming in the next few days. That's so   because my Laptop is currently in reperature which means I couldn't upload and edit new photos for   the blog ,but now I'm home and I will edit everything as fast as I can. As I started this day was a wonderful day with a lot of wonderful people. The weather has been amazing and I finally could wear my absolut crazy new favorite shoes I got this summer in Frankfurt. It was love at the first sight and I exactly knew that those shoes are going to be mine. A casual and comfy look with some extraordinary accesoires is always a good idea.

I was wearing :

Gold glitter shoes (similar)

BDJ Mom Jeans

Brandy Melville T-shirt

Michael Kors bag

Edited cardigan


Today was my first full day in Verona after more than 2 1/2 years. I was pretty excited to see the city again and be a part of this amazing program. It's a German-Italian exchange where German students go to Italian families and see how they live and how the culture is. After a few months the Italian students are going to do the same thing in Germany. I fell in love in the very first second with the Italian life and habits. We had the chance to go and see the Italian school and how the school system is built<- that was really cool and interesting as well, but after all the school stuff we finally went to do my favorite kind of traveling. Sightseeing of course.. 
Verona has a lot of beautiful piazza 's (squares) where the buildings are all very old and built in the roman time. 
One of my favorite spots was the ' House of Juliet' . 

I was wearing for the first day here a more comfortable look and closed to outfit because the weather app said it should rain, but thankfully it didn't. I was looking for a vintage leather west a long time and finally found one in HM. :)


Back to school season is actually over because school started about a month ago haha:) but I guess I'm always late with that stuff.Here is a really casual look,perfect for school or uni.
After going 1 month to school and feeling like everything except of good, I finally can say in 11 days my travel journey continues.
I'm going back to Italy for a couple of days and right afterwards to Thailand and Cambodia.
That means for me SUMMER'S BACK !!!! yes.
And of course I will post a lot of new and summery looks on the blog, which makes me really happy and I'm just excited about all of that. 




Photo by Ida Schwarz
Asos Girlfriend Jeans Jacket   //    Ripped Jeans    //   HM Sweater    //   Sunglasses  //   Asos Boots

Still sad that summer is over! But I'm kinda excited for fall because fall is my second favorite season and I honestly couldn't live without the pumpkin spice latte and a delicious self made pumpkin soup. As everyone knows, fall is not the sunniest and brightest season, that's why I decided to match my outfit with the weather . All  black with one of my favorite hm sweater, I almost own for years and it's still amazing . A couple days ago I was looking for a jacket that is perfect for the season and it shouldn't be too hot and not too cold in it. Jeans jacket are going to be forever my favorites. This is an Asos girlfriend jacket which is clearly oversized even if it's the smallest size. It's really comfortable and I feel like a true 90's bae. So it's a perfect piece for me. Thx Asos ❤️


         Asos blouse  //   Asos skirt   //   Asos sandals   //   Black bag (similar)   //  Bracelet (similar)

Wearing Asos head to toe again and again. And honestly I don't even wanna stop wearing it all the time. The second day here in Milan was a really cultural day and I've learned a lot about Italian churches. Here the last picture for example was on top of the Duomo. Milan from above is one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen!.
As I said the outfit is completely from Asos and I've been dreaming to have this skirt for such a long time that I finally got it and the best thing was it was on sale and still is ,so go to and grab one!! Gladiator sandals are incredibly beautiful and actually also comfortable,but I don't really know what was wrong with mine because the cords fell down every 5 minutes, so I decided to knot the cords on my ankle and it looked also good, I believe haha.
While in Italy you have to try some Ice cream, I swear this is the best thing in all time. I recommend the flavor 'Mango' it's just the best and in general Italian food is just perfection.


               Abercrombie&Fitch romper   //    Bag  //    Aldo sandals   //    Sunglasses (similar)

Today was my 16th birthday and I’m in MILANOOO. I’m so thankful for my parents and Airbnb for making this incredible trip happen and I could have never ask for something better. The Italian culture always fascinated me in some way. I mean southern Europe at all. I have chose Milan because I’m a person who loves traveling to old and historical city’s and Milan is a perfect example.The first day here was a complete success.I fell in love with the city in the first second I attended those old beautiful streets here. I’m wearing my Abercrombie & Fitch romper which I bought in Hamburg 4 months ago with the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn and It’s also my first time wearing them and I had no issues <- Thankfully haha.
This romper is one of the most beautiful things I have ever bought because there are two things what makes everything perfect and stylish.
  1. The bell sleves 
  2. off the shoulder 
these two things on a dress or blouse made always my day and my complete summer actually.
And I honestly can’t believe that summer is almost over I don’t want to say bye :( ,but the fashion month starts in few days which means : Watching live streams 24/7.


                  H&M top   //   Asos Mom jeans   //   Ray Ban Sunglasses   //  Zebra print shoes 

Home is where the heart is! Right??
I’ve spent the last few weeks in Kiev, Ukraine with my friends and some of my family members. It was such an amazing month and I already miss everyone there.I have met so many amazing people this time that I don’t even wanted to go home haha ,but now I’m home and can focus on the blog more. Haven’t posted here in so long, but not having Wifi and just living with cellular on is a pretty hard thing if you always want to be active on the internet. I’m back in Germany for a week until I’m going to have the chance to travel to Milan and explore the city. If you have any restaurant or shop recommendation please leave on the comments.Thanks you.. 

I found this ultra cool bike in my Grandma’s garage and thought why not exploring the city and take some cool snaps while driving and enjoying life, so my friend and I took our bikes and started driving for hours in the pouring heat taking pictures on some funny stairs haha.


    Forever 21 Flannel   //   Zara Slip on's   //   Mango leather shorts   //  Rayban Round Sunglasses 

Second shopping day of the week haha ,I should stop!!! But this time my Mum and I went to Wiesbaden. Wiesbaden is the capital of Hessen and it’s a really beautiful city with some cool shops.
Today I wore leather shorts for my very first time although I own those for almost a year or longer.I couldn’t find them for such a long time,but I’m happy to have them now ,they are definitely going to be in my travel luggage this Sunday. I’m flying back to Kiev and that’s also why I went shopping so often this week ,a whole month of traveling in front of me and I had nothing to wear (as always haha) . The flannel shirt is from Forever 21 that I bought in Dubai in 2014 I actually wanted to give it away ,but in the last second I decided to wear it again ,so I thought why not with the leather shorts It’s kind of cute and a really nice street style look. 
Oh and another good news I don’t just bought clothes today I also got a Kitten named Sirius haha yep Sirius. Sirius is a Siam cat and I named him after Sirius Black from Harry Potter.I’ll show you some pictures of him in the next posts ;)


              Brown Romper (similar)   //   Edited the label -Cardigan (similar)  //  Snake Espadrilles
                                              Marc Jacobs 'Petal to the Meta'- Natasha Flap bag 

I'm not really a big shopaholic or a person who loves shopping so much that they could go shopping every day.I could get clothes everyday of course ,but I'm not the person who likes going into stores and trying everything on I really don't like that stuff haha. I guess a lot of people think that people who are doing something in fashion and working in the fashion industry love shopping and I guess most people do ,but I'm a really lazy person when it comes to go and get some shopping done.
I love and also prefer online shopping I mean what's better than lying in bed and shop clothes ? Nothing believe me haha:) But I had to take all my stuff together and do some real shopping so I did in beautiful Frankfurt where it's kind of a challenge to shop ,because of the amount of people ,but I think it's in every city the same thing. I'm wearing this beautiful romper which I own for almost 3 or 4 years I don't even remember for how long this romper thing is lying in my closet haha,but I grabbed it out and now vòila it's here .
Is it just me or why am I too shy to go in a luxury store haha I feel so uncomfortable walking around these stores and I don't even like watching at them because I think the weird people in the store are watching me hahaha... I know I'm talking a lot of weird stuff haha.
But I went there and took some photos I mean who cares what they think right ?!!.


                 Top / Shorts - Naturaselection    //    Flip Flops (similar)   //     Bracelet

Today is the first day of summer break and I already did so much. My family and I went to a leisure park with tons of really cool roller coasters and delicious food . I had so much fun and I’m such a adrenaline addict you don’t believe .It was definitely a wonderful day. I’m wearing my beloved flowy shorts from Natura which I bought 3 years ago somewhere in Spain and my Top is by the way also from Natura,but the shorts are just my fave . The different patters are making the shorts playful and the outfit less boring,it comes in the bohemian direction and I think I could wear the bohemian style all summer long!! Maybe with some Frozen Jogurt and I would be the happiest :)


                      Zara blouse  //   Espadrilles   //   Bershka shorts   //   Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

I haven't posted an outfit post for so long SORRY for that !!
But I have some good news Summer holidays are starting in exactly a week and I still can't get how fast the year went over.
Still best thing I don't have to write any tests anymore Yaaas :)
I'm wearing a printed blouse from Zara and since off the shoulder tops are trending I also completely fell in love with this style I decided to 
make it a little more fashionable I guess haha . But I love how it looks.
I just bought a new bed and some new decoration stuff for my room in Ikea and it was my first time there for 7 years or something like 
that and I got a little over excited haha. I found some beautiful cacti and some fluffy pillows :)

My favorite music at the moment 

Jai Waetford - Shy 

Adam Lambert (ft. Tove Lo) – Rumours (The Original High)

Niykee Heaton – Rolling Stone

Sam Feldt -Show me love (EDX's Indian summer remix)

Quest Pistols – Санта Лючия

ASTR – Operate

James Bay - Scars ( Alex Brandt Bootleg )


                                                                      Photo by Ida Schwarz

     Edited the label - Cardigan (similar)   //     Urban Outfitters -Black Crop top  //    Asos Mom Jeans
                                                                           Snake Espadrilles

Summer boomed in like crazy and I luv it.I think whole Europe is celebrating the beginning of summer. I'm currently everyday outside working on my tan haha. This outfit is definitely not wearable in 35° degrees and I also not recommend wearing anything black !! At the moment I love wearing WHITE .. It's still really hot but better than black . But let's talk about this outfit ..this Asos jeans is my absolute favorite thing at the moment I hope you've seen these in my last post from London  if not you can check it out . This cute little black Bralet is from urban outfitters and I own it almost a year and this is my first time wearing it haha it always needs time :))) 

Ps. The roses are amazing here


                                     Mango shirt   //    Superga sneaker    //     Asos Mom jeans 

Summer please come back it’s the 21st June and its raining here :( 
It actually should be sunny today ,because it’s the official beginning of summer . I don’t really realize that it’s summer, I’ve waited for so long and now it’s here and I don’t get it .. 
Sadly I couldn’t go out to shoot the picture ,because the weather was just disgusting and I don’t wanted to wait longer.
My outfit is really casual no jewelry just a cropped plaid shirt from Mango and my favorite blue Mom jeans from Asos .
The Shoes are Superga and I got them last week for the Ariana Grande concert and I just fell in real love with them .I haven’t expect that they are going to be so good and comfortable I need to get some more in different colors.
My next post is going to be about my trip to cologne and the Ariana Grande concert and of course I did a video about this day you can check in out in a few days :).


                                                                   Photo by Ida Schwarz

        Zara Leatherjacket    //         Asos blouse    //           Asos Mom jeans      //       Asos Loafer

Hello everyone,
If you have read my recent posts you might know that I was in London shooting tons of Asos looks for the blog. This outfit is the last one and also shooted at my favorite location in Notting Hill . I totally fell in love with Notting Hill and I haven’t expect that it is so beautiful there. Well the Portobello market and road was full of people as always I guess so it was kinda challenging to take pictures without people in there haha:) but hopefully you still like the pictures and the outfits I picked up. I’m wearing a flowy white cropped blouse with overlays and my friend said I looked like a pirate with this one haha let’s hope not !! The jeans or better known as ' Mom Jeans‘ 
are as well asos and last but not least the loafers which really made my day even when they were little big and walking London was not that easy with them I still love how they look and how good the jeans look with them .. So one more time thank you asos for the amazing outfits !!!:) Loved being in London.


Photo by Ida Schwarz

This day was my first ever visit to Oxford city and the Oxford University. It was a really sunny and positiv day and we were so lucky having 20+ degrees .So basically I wasn’t sure if I should go to Oxford or not but at the end it was a pretty amazing trip and I had no regrets. I loved the architecture of all colleges and I think everyone else did it too.The funnies thing was definitely seeing the Oxford students walking out of they’re exams full of eggs and cream ,that was a highlight for me for sure.
After all the Oxford hype we finally made it to the London eye that I’ve wanted to visit since the last time I had been to London. The view was amazing !!!

I would say let’s talk about my beautiful Outfit completely from Asos . I wanna thank Asos so so so much for these amazing outfits and for letting me go beautiful through London. Thanks Asos!!

I’m wearing a dark mustered red romper with peeptoe shoes and at some points a leather jacket which is sadly not from Asos. 


                                                            Photo by Ida Schwarz

                     Asos ripped jeans     //     Adidas Superstar similar    //   Adidas t-shirt

               Hello everyone and greetings from London Town.
               I had the opportunity to visit London with tons of ASOS looks ( I had 3 btw).
               So this weekend was full of shootings and filming a little outfit video for my
               yt channel and of course we did a sightseeing tour and I wasn't really lost in London ,but I      
               thought it would be a nice post name it's a must when your in London just have
               an overview over the city.
               When we arrived in London we had booked a Citytour with
               a guide and he settled us to every photo destination in London I had the chance to
               take pictures honestly everywhere and learned something about London's history.
               My whole look is available at you can get the outfit HERE


     Asos Cape   //  Black flurry Pullover via Edited   //   Leather pants (similar)    //   Asos boots

Oh my goodness can we talk about Hamburg please ? Hamburg is such a beautiful city with so much power and amazing architecture .I loved taking pictures of buildings and people there.  Hamburg is honestly a really cool city with lots of cool stores (the vintage stores are amazing btw) and lovely sights of course . We visited the Hamburg Harbor and had a 1 hour harbor trip with a pretty funny tour guide ,he explained everything about the port and some facts about Hamburg, I enjoyed it with a cappuccino and a badass view.
I was totally in love with my outfit this day and I wore a cape the first time ( u should buy a cape, capes are cooler than anything else). My shoes were the worst ,although I love how they look . Those shoes completely burnt my foot and I had 4 blisters on 1 foot while I had like thousand plasters on it . That wasn't so cool , but whatever it happens haha . All in one I had an amazing time there and I miss so damn much .I'm excited to go back .


    Zara leather jacket     //    Green oversized flannel   //   Cheap Monday jeans    //   Bronx Boots
                                                             //     Black bag (similar)    //

Making memories with friends is the best thing ever especially at the beach .It was a really cozy morning in Eckernförde at the baltic sea with my class. I wore my favorite pair of jeans from Cheap monday and a really soft leather jacket from Zara.Everyone had the chance to go fishing with a professional fishermen and I have never thought it would be such a great experience . I had so much fun taking pictures of everyone holding a fish or a starfish (me either) . Starfish are so cute and slippery. 

Later at the beach we did a huge photoshoot with everyone and it was a great chance to make memories ,unfortunately it was our last trip together as a class and I’m really sad about that. these were definitely the best 5 days I had with them haha:)




                                                                  Photo by Ida Schwarz

    Zara leather jacket       //      HM top    //    Asos hat    //    Hollister jeans    //      Black shopper

Good day everyone,
Those ripped Hollister jeans were my all time favorite jeans about 2 years ago and I wore them nearly everyday        until I lost them <— my jeans story haha.But I thankfully found them in my mum’s closet ( I have no idea why) and     decided to ripp them ,I guess I had this DIY phase were I ripped all my jeans haha, but I don’t know I think it doesn’t look even bad. Ripped jeans are the coolest .

xo Milana


                                                                  Photo by Ida Schwarz

         Kenzo Jumper   //    HM leggings    //      Adidas Superstar    //       Mango Backpack (similar)

Today was an amazing and sunny day, I had so much fun shooting this outfit with my new Camera .
I'm so excited for the next posts to upload them on the blog with better photo quality and just more ''extras''. This Outfit is absolutely a must for people who are loving to wear comfortable stuff and be more sporty outside. I guess I'm kinda a tomboy haha ,but I just wanted to try out this style ,because I usually don't wear something like this and it was definitely great and comfy for sure.


                                                                      Photo by Ida Schwarz

               Hallhuber cropped jumper   //   Boyfriend Jeans   //   Adidas stan smith trainers

Oh Hello May and hello to a good month with tons of adventure and experience . I started my blog exactly 1 year ago and I'm so so happy that I'm still working on it with passion,stability and LOVE .
I shared the past year so much things on this blog and I still sometimes scroll through it to see and remember all these happy days ,wow I'm so thankful for all of this and to my mind for saying ,yes to my dream ,to continue, and to work on it . So Thank you so much to all my readers for always reading stuff from an ordinary girl living somewhere in Germany :). I'm so excited for may and june  ,some amazing trips are planned and yess I'm even more excited to share it with all of you .

xo Milana


                                                                   Photo by Ida Schwarz

           Vintage oversized Jeans Jacket (similar)   //   Asos shirt  //   Cheap Monday Jeans
                      Dr. Martens Boots     //    Rayban Sunglasses    //   Black shoulder bag (similar)

Hey Guys :)
After my little Coachella/boho obsession I decided to go back into grunge and a little bit more of the rock style thing , I still can’t go over Coachella outfits ,because they’re all perfect and yes as I said I’m totally obsessed haha . This Jeans Jacket is my absolut favorite find at the moment ,sadly I can’t tell where this Jacket is from ,because I found it in my parents wardrobe haha and I’m not sure if it was my mum’s or my dad’s jacket ,but I guess my dad’s ,cuz it’s a little too big and oversized ,which I think is amazing. Now I can say I have real vintage oversized jean jacket and It’s not a fake vintage from H&M or Topshop .Lately Men’s style and boyfriend cuts got really popular in the fashion scene and I got this super cool shirt from Asos with this 'Boyfriend cut‘ so It’s a little bigger and more oversize than a usual t-shirt and I had no idea how to shorten this up ,because it was really long and it kinda looked weird on me so I thought why not making it a little shorter and I did it and after that it perfectly fitted me and I didn’t look weird anymore :).

I hope everyone has a great day and happy holiday to all german readers :)

xo Milana 


                                                             Photo by Ida Schwarz

                 Adidas superstar sneaker    //      Cheap Monday jeans   //    Vila Cardigan via Edited
                                                   HM T-shirt               //             Max&co Glasses

Hello everyone ,
I'm currently in the Ukraine visiting my Grandparents and I'm really happy to be here for 2 weeks over spring break.
 But I actually want to talk about these Adidas Superstars ,because I mean I think everyone recognized that there's huge hype around them and like every second person on the street owns them haha (me either) . I bought these beautiful sneakers ( and they are really beautiful and cool I absolutely understand why people love them so hard ) but, I wanted these shoes almost in october and I honestly couldn't find any shop or online shop who is selling these. Then somewhen in december I finally found them and I was the luckiest girl ever ,because they were like sold out worldwide in my size ,but now they are in every store I see haha . What a shoe challenge .I'm still laughing about this.


Wow... Kiev is such a beautiful place. I’m so impressed by this city .My dad and me wanted to make a little sightseeing tour through kiev even if we both already have been here ,but I always could come back to see this beauty. This time I really enjoyed everything,because I saw a different side of kiev .The last times I was there I wasn’t really intrested in all of that sightseeing thing ,but now I could walk the whole city through, with my legs to don’t miss something out what could be really cool to take a picture of .The ukrainian Fashionweek was just 2 days over before I arrived there and yes I was so damn sad .I noticed that some of the people in Kiev had a really awesome style and I got so inspired by all of them . All together It was a perfect lil trip to an amazing city ,which I have to visit again in summer ,because It was pretty rainy and rain is not so cool to explore a city .Haha:)

I was wearing :

Zara leather Jacket

Anthony Vaccarello white turtleneck

Public desire boot

Cheap Monday black jeans

Rayban sunglasses


                 Grey turtleneck jumper (similar)     //    Zara black slip on   //  Urban Outfitters jeans 
                                                               Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

I have to apologize , I’m wearing these jeans for about a thousand times . But the love will never stop, I could wear these mom jeans for a lifetime and I guess they’ll never get old .I went to shoot this outfit with my lovely aunt and honestly I have never thought the pictures will be looking that good ,but she definitely helped me a lot so a big thank you to my aunt <3<3 . This oversized jumper is currently my latest and most worn pick and I thought why not pairing it with my high waisted mom jeans ,my aunt told me that I look like a girl living my life at it’s fullest in year 1995 haha and I was happy about that ,because I tried to reach exactly that point , the 90’s are my all time favorite fashion experience even when I wasn’t even born (I just saw quit a lot of pictures haha) . Turtlenecks go forward !!!!
I finally got the chance to buy myself a new macbook which I wanted for a really long time ,actually only for editing videos and pictures for the blog and youtube ,and it’s the best thing for that .If you want you can check out my latest youtube video from Brazil ,which I finally edited haha. I will let the link here.enjoy:)


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